Can help vegetarians with health problems

Vegetarian Diet: How Healthy Is Life Without Meat?

The veggie movement is growing

The reasons why one opts for a vegetarian diet can be varied: An ethical, moral or health motivation can speak in favor of a life without meat as well as environmental and animal welfare aspects. One thing is certain: there is a growing awareness of the benefits of a meat-free diet. In this regard, the polling institute Nielsen found that 31 percent of Germans consciously eat less meat. “A plant-based lifestyle is the solution to many of the world's most pressing problems. More and more consumers are recognizing the benefits of a plant-based diet for animals, the environment and their own health, ”explains Sebastian Joy, Managing Director of the international nutrition organization ProVeg (formerly VeBu), explaining this development.

Above all, the growing range of tasty vegetarian products and the fact that the vegetarian movement has also arrived in gastronomy makes it easier for people to eat healthily and plant-based. In addition, factory farming, overbred animals, some of which are treated with illegal drugs, and awareness of the suffering of living beings are now deterring more and more people from consuming meat.