The educational methods will change

Take the test: Which parenting method do you use?

When it comes to upbringing, it's like this: Either we do it a bit like our parents, after all they can't have done so much wrong with us, or we have a completely different opinion about upbringing and do our own thing.

Autocratic, authoritarian, democratic, egalitarian, anti-authoritarian - there are so many styles of upbringing that you hardly know which one you actually use. So that you can change that and know which method you use to raise your children, we have a test for you that clarifies that! Get involved quickly and find out!

What educational methods are there?

Autocratic upbringing

The autocratic upbringing style suppresses the initiative of children. The child's opinion does not matter. Parents assume that exercising authority is both important and right.

Authoritarian upbringing

In contrast to the autocratic style, the child's opinion is accepted here, but ultimately only the parents' opinion counts. Boundaries without freedom is the correct expression here. The parents exert a lot of control and pressure.

Democratic education

Parents who bring up this style see their children as independent and serious personalities. They encourage their independence and personal responsibility of the children and are available to advise and support them. Respect is very important, everyone's opinion is heard.

Anti-authoritarian / egalitarian upbringing

The anti-authoritarian style of upbringing assumes the same rights and duties of parents and children - everyone's opinion is equal.

Permissive upbringing

This style of upbringing requires a lot of initiative on the part of the children and young people. The parents are very cautious.

Laissez-fair education

The "laissez-faire" style of upbringing knows no rules and no obligations - everyone can do what they want. The wishes and ideas of the parents are only considered optionally.

Negative upbringing

In the negating parenting style, the parents do not influence the child's behavior at all. You show no interest in wanting to participate in the child's development.

Which parenting method is the right one?

When it comes to parenting, there are certainly things that can be done right or wrong, but who can decide? Parents determine how they raise their children and which method works best for them as a family.

Surely there is always someone whom you offend the way you do. But that is and remains its problem. As a parent, you should choose a direction. If the family 'functions' harmoniously with a democratic upbringing, then that is just as okay as a family that functions with strict rules and duties.

What parents should keep in mind again and again: It's not about being a good family for others, or having well-behaved and well-adjusted children. It's about being happy with what you do and what the children do. If you don't have to question your own upbringing, if you believe that the way you do it is exactly right, then it is.

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