Could nudism be a fashion someday

Nudism in Berlin - from sport to the beach, finally down with your clothes

When it is called, clothes can be stressful quickly. So: let's get rid of it! Just make sure that it is allowed - because some people may be a bit prudish. In the GDR, naked was practically the bathing standard, elsewhere people were buttoned up (attention, puns). In the meantime, nudism is possible in several places in Berlin. There are not only selected corners in some city parks and at bathing lakes, but also clubs and special opening of city pools.

We have picked out 16 naked addresses where you can do nudism in Berlin.

Helios Association for Health and Sport

The Helios Association for Health and Sport am Grunewald has a 19,000 square meter site with a 25 meter long swimming pool that is heated from May to September. The association has around 600 members of all ages. Trial membership for one year: 144 euros. The main sports are tennis, beach volleyball and boules.

Helios Im Jagen 57/58, Grunewald, Tel. 301 75 76,,

Family sports club Adolf Koch

The club on Kreuzberger Mehringdamm offers courses in badminton, football, table tennis, gymnastics and more. Sauna visits, hikes and group evenings are also on the program.

Family sports club Adolf Koch Mehringdamm 114, Kreuzberg,, Tel .: 85 61 31 92

Family sports club VFK Berlin-Südwest

The Association for Physical Culture Berlin Südwest has a large nudist club area on East Prussendamm in Lichterfelde. Sports such as beach volleyball, tennis or swimming can be practiced there. Swimming is without a cover, and for other sports you wear sports clothing.

Family sports club VFK Berlin-Südwest Ostpreußendamm 85b, Steglitz, Tel. 71 38 93 10

Wannsee lido

Predominantly older bathing fans use the nudist area of ​​the lido, which is separated from the rest of the beach by a partition, in summer. As for the rest of the area, the entrance fee is 5.50 euros. In the evening from 5.30 p.m. the price in Europe's largest inland lake resort is reduced to 3.50 euros. Attention: The Wannsee lido has been open since May 25th, but the nudist area is closed because, according to the Berlin bathing companies, the distance rules cannot be observed there. Here we explain the restrictions with which the Berlin outdoor pool season starts this year.

Wannsee lido Wannseebadweg 25, Tel. 80 35 450,

Sauna raft

You can take a sauna and swim without a cover on the sauna raft at the Werbellinsee. There is space for up to seven people, a driver's license is not required to drive. If you like it a little simpler, you can also rent all sorts of other rafts in Berlin - and, depending on where you are “at anchor”, sunbathe naked.

Sauna raft Am Süßen Winkel, 16244 Schorfheide, Tel.
01 575 489 02 49

Devil's Lake

This forest lake at the foot of the Teufelsberg has been a contact point for nude swimmers for decades. Free entry!

Devil's Lake Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


The Grunewaldsee is rather unknown, even for Berliners. There is a nude bathing area on the north-west bank, it is called "Bullenwinkel".

Grunewaldsee Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


The water quality of the Halensee is sometimes bad when it rains. The lawn at a tiny bathing area is used for nude bathing and sunbathing. The Halensee is one of the most famous places for nudism in Berlin.

Halensee Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


Admission is free at the Müggelsee lido, which is getting on in years. There is a large nudist area to the west of the complex.

Müggelsee lido Fürstenwalder Damm 838, Rahnsdorf,


There is a separate nudist area in the Plötzensee lido, with a 600-meter-long sandy beach. The lido has had new operators since this season. The nudist area will continue to exist. “We don't want to take that away from our Wedding people,” says an employee of the lido.

Plötzensee lido Nordufer 26, Charlottenburg, Tel. 0163 917 57 67,

Kreuzberg summer pool

Nude swimming is not allowed here, but there is a section on the lawn where you can sunbathe without a cover. In the 2020 season, tickets for the outdoor pool must be purchased in advance from the Berlin baths.

Kreuzberg summer pool Prinzenstrasse 113-119, Kreuzberg, Tel. 78 73 22 170,

The zoo sunbathing area

Naked sunbathing is not officially permitted in the zoo. Nevertheless, it has been practiced mainly by men for decades. Since then, the zoo has been one of the classics for nudists in Berlin. And is one of the few of the many beautiful parks in Berlin, in which nudity is at least tolerated in places. Rumor has it that men meet here who don't just want to sunbathe naked ...

Hasenheide sunbathing area

Like the lawn in the zoo, the meadow in the Hasenheide is not an official nudist area. But for years, naked people have been soaking up the sun here. And here too there is rumor that it sometimes works in the inconspicuous bushes ... well. Recently the situation in the Hasenheide escalated a little, because more and more (not allowed) raves came by. In fact, you can still bang yourself in the sun unclothed.

Stadtbad Neukölln

On Sunday evenings (men and women) and Monday evenings (women), the relatively small pool here is reserved for naked swimmers. There is also a beautiful historic sauna.

Stadtbad Neukölln Ganghoferstr. 3, Neukölln, Tel. 68 24 980,

Pankow summer pool

Nude swimming is not allowed in the summer pool, but there is a section on the lawn where you can let the sun tickle you in places that are otherwise covered.

Pankow summer pool Wolfshagener Str. 91-93, Pankow, Tel. 47 49 720,

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