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Pentecost 2021: When is Pentecost? Holiday, date, meaning of Whit Sunday & Whit Monday

Pentecost is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity. But when is Pentecost 2021? What is the meaning of Whit Sunday and Whit Monday?

This article will give you all the information. We also answer the question of whether Whit Monday 2021 is a public holiday everywhere in Germany.

Date of Pentecost 2021: When is Whit Sunday and Whit Monday?

Pentecost is always celebrated 49 or 50 days after Easter. In 2021 these are the dates:

  • Date for Pentecost Sunday 2021: May 23
  • Date for Whit Monday 2021: May 24th

Pentecost: is Whit Monday 2021 a public holiday everywhere in Germany?

Whit Monday is a public holiday everywhere in Germany. It is one of the nine public holidays that apply in every federal state.

Holy Spirit: The Meaning of Pentecost

The origins of Pentecost can be found, how could it be otherwise, in the Bible. Pentecost, derived from the Greek "pentekoste" means something like "the fiftieth day". It is the 50th day of Easter - 49 days after Easter Sunday.

On this day, Easter ends and the church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit, the support that Jesus promised his disciples. It is said that 50 days after Easter, Jesus' disciples met in Jerusalem. The people of the city were celebrating a big festival there. But the disciples stayed together, as they were commanded by their Lord, and prayed - they were far too afraid of the men who captured and executed Jesus. Then the Holy Spirit came down like a "roar" from heaven and gave the disciples the gift of speaking all languages.

The abilities that the disciples received from the Holy Spirit are called "Pentecostal miracles". Now it was possible for the disciples to be able to preach the gospel to people whose language they were initially unable to speak. Pentecost marks the beginning of missionary work and the beginning of the church itself.

From a Christian point of view, the "Babylonian language confusion" was thereby lifted. According to the Bible, God once punished people for their arbitrariness in building the "Tower of Babel", since it should reach up to heaven and thus to God.

Pentecost is also one of the main festivals in Judaism. The people celebrate the festival "Shavuot". On this day the people of Israel are said to have received the "Torah", the Hebrew Bible. (AZ)

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