Why is cancer immunotherapy important

Immunotherapy against cancer

These reactions of the Immune system can appear quickly or after weeks, months or years. The majority become noticeable after three to six months. Some symptoms seem harmless at first (skin rash, diarrhea), but should be observed closely and monitored by a doctor.

Just the one Digestive tract often reacts to immunological cancer therapy. Diarrhea is a side effect that you may be familiar with from previous therapies. After immunotherapy, however, digestive disorders are one immune system reaction than another treatment needs as Chemotherapy-associated Side effects in the gastrointestinal tract.

In most cases, these side effects are easily treatable - especially if they are recognized early and in good time Countermeasures can be seized. In some cases, cancer immunotherapy has to be discontinued due to side effects. However, this rarely happens. Often a break in the Course of therapy and treatment of the side effects. Cancer immunotherapy can then be continued.

Important is: Therefore, always inform your doctor immediately if you notice new symptoms or complaints and if existing ones worsen. He can then initiate the necessary steps and also knows which are possible Interactions with other medications must be considered. So don't forget to let him know about all medications and other supplements you are taking.

If he is not available, contact immuno-oncological center: The specialists know best what to do and how to control the reactions again.