Why did Apple remove the home button

iPhone SE: How to Customize Home Button Clicks

The home button on the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 looks like a real button, but it's just a software button. This has the advantage that a moving part could be installed less and there is less contact surface for water and dust. As a result, Apple was probably able to achieve IP67 certification. In order to still create the feeling of a physical button, the home button is supported by the Taptic Engine, which "simulates" a customizable click.

iPhone SE / 8: How to Change the Home Button Click

First, pick up your iPhone 7/8 (Plus) or iPhone SE and then open the Settings app. Select the menu item "General". Here you will now see an option called "Home Button". Tap on it.

A tap on “1”, “2” or “3” changes the click resistance. To test the individual resistors, it is best to take the iPhone SE or iPhone 8 in your hand and press the home button. You will notice a slight change in click behavior with each of the three possibilities. As soon as you have decided on one of the three options, you can tap "Done" in the top right corner and then exit the settings again.

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