What makes someone a really good person

How you can recognize people with a good heart

In many ways I live in luxury. A great luxury for me is being able to choose the people around me. I don't have to deal with everyone who is put in front of my nose. I hang out with most people because I want to.

Since I've had this freedom, I've been feeling better. I am more balanced, I rarely get angry, I don't lose my energy so quickly, my self-esteem increases. The people around me have a big part in it. They are interested in me, help me, are happy for me and are honest with me. In a nutshell: They are people with a good heart.

I only realized this a few weeks ago. Since then she hasn't really let go of me. With this idea in mind, I will probably be even better able to quickly identify who is good for me and who is not.

With the help of kind hearted Jasmin I asked myself afterwards what actually defines a person with a good heart. For every kind-hearted trait there is a less good counterexample that is so obvious that I just want to compare the two:

How you can recognize people with a good heart

Characteristics of people with less good hearts

They help you unselfishlyThey take advantage of you
You rest in yourselfYou get annoyed about every little thing
You feel after an encounter better as previouslyYou feel after an encounter worse as previously
You listen wellYou only talk about yourself
You can forgive othersYou are vengeful
You are humbleThey think they deserve more
They are honest with youThey lie and deceive you
You're interested in youYou're interested in yourself
They are happy for youYou are gleeful
They want your bestThey just want "your best"(= Her best)
They show you appreciationThey criticize you at every opportunity
They accept other people without judgmentYou express yourself disparagingly about others
You are critical of yourselfThey believe they are always right (know everything better)
They recognize what you need and give it to youThey do not share, but are intent on their own gain
They see the good in other peopleYou are cynical and have a "the-world-is-bad-mentality"
You take responsibility for yourself and othersThey blame others and see themselves as victims
They are hardworking and do their best.You let others do the work
They are open to youThey are hiding things from you
They have low expectations of youThey expect nothing less than that you make them happy
You don't talk above other peopleThey gossip about their fellow human beings
They change things that they don't likeThey complain about things they don't like
You care about the well-being of other people and living beings"What do I care about the misery of others?"
You bring lovely people togetherThey are jealous and want their friends just to themselves
You are a giver (or an exchanger)You are a taker


Not everyone has a good heart because they help someone. Likewise, someone is not a bad person if they are selfish or complain. I consider myself to be kind-hearted but partly find me in the right column. Humans are not one-dimensional, black or white, but complex beings. But I find that I prefer to surround myself with people who have the characteristics in the left column. The more characteristics someone from the right column brings with them, the faster I keep my distance. In this case, the deep relationship I want cannot develop.

Basically, I believe that most people have good hearts. However, it is often buried under low self-esteem, upbringing, negative experiences or the fear of being hurt. Sometimes you just have to dig deep enough. For myself I can say: the better I feel, the more open I am, the higher my self-esteem, the more often I can show my good heart.

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