You should delete your Quora account

How can I delete my Quora account?

How do I delete my Quora account?

Quora enables users to delete their account if they wish. If you delete your Quora account, the following content will no longer be available for public viewing:

  • Your profile with photos and biography
  • Your answers
  • Comments
  • Blog posts
  • reviews
  • Consents
  • news

Questions you may have asked remain because questions on Quora are community owned but not publicly associated with your name.

Deleting your account cannot be revoked, once the process is complete. Alternatives to deletion are:

If you're sure you want to delete your account, visit your account privacy settings and click "Delete Account". You will be asked for your password to confirm the deletion (Note: If you created the account via Google or Facebook, you must first create a password by clicking on the link "Change password" at the top of the page and then on "Create password" As soon as you confirm the deletion of your account, the account will be deactivated immediately and the deletion process will begin. If you log in within the next 14 days, the account will be reactivated and the deletion will be canceled.

As soon as the 14-day period has passed and your account has been deleted, your profile and your content will be permanently deleted. Personal data belonging to your account will be removed from Quora's databases. In accordance with our privacy policy (, we can save your data if this is necessary to comply with legal regulations (subpoenas, legal proceedings or other legal requirements). Please note that others may have republished your content or shared it outside of the Quora platform. Deleting the Quora account does not remove links or data hosted by third parties. However, according to Quora's terms of use, users are obliged to delete content on request that has been deleted from the Quora platform.

If you have any further questions about deleting your account or If you would like to have your account deleted before the 14-day deactivation period, please let us know.   You can reach us via our contact form.