Is it possible to lose penis size?

Penis Enlargement: Possibilities & Limits of Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery

An interview with Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz

What we consider beautiful and what we are satisfied with is subjective. But if one's own penis is perceived as too small, this is a topic that “man” does not like to talk about. The psychological suffering is correspondingly great. However, numerous dubious providers take advantage of this to promise quick results with creams, miracle pills or pumps - all without success.

But what really helps to lengthen or thicken the penis? we have with Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz talked about penis enlargement. The specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery has been specializing in male intimate surgery for several years in his practice clinic at the Rosengarten (in Bergisch Gladbach and Cologne).

In the following, Dr. Spanholtz, what realistic expectations men can have of penis enlargement - and where the limits of plastic and aesthetic surgery lie.

Dr. Spanholtz, up until now, intimate surgery was more of a “woman's business” - has that changed in the meantime?

It is true that we have been performing intimate surgical operations on women in our practice clinic on the Rosengarten, e.g. vaginal rejuvenation or labia correction, for many years. For some time, however, more and more men have joined the group as patients. In this area, the interventions penis enlargement, penis thickening, penis lengthening and scrotum tightening come into play. Personally, I am very happy that we are also bringing men closer to the subject of “genital surgery” in this way and thus bringing many to one new attitude towards life could help.

Why did you specialize in penis enlargement?

The main reasons for my specialization came with the extreme demand. When we started the procedure a few years ago, I had no idea how great the demand for penis enlargement is in Germany. We therefore became specialists in this procedure. Penis enlargement is one outpatient and very safe operation without many side effects and risks. In this respect, we can give our patients - and ourselves - great experiences of achievement. I am really very happy that the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten has been part of Europe for several years leading providers of male genital surgery counts.

What does the “typical man” look like who comes to you at the practice clinic?

Basically, we hold consultations in all men of all ages and anatomies by. We already had older men over 70 years of age, but also very young men, sometimes even students, who were interested in the operation. That men who want penis enlargement are so complex group I wasn't aware of it before I started specializing. We have already advised and treated everyone from the pensioner, the father of the family to the student or pupil. Many of them partly contribute to the desire for a longer penis for years before they come to us.

Who is suitable for penis enlargement and who can you help with the operation?

The following applies to penis enlargement: After the operation, no patient goes home with a result that is worse than the initial condition. So we can basically lengthen any penis. Thickening is even more predictable. Here you can say: We can guarantee that we can thicken any penis. Of course, the extent and extent of the extension vary widely. Unfortunately, these cannot be evaluated in advance, i.e. we can no exact predictions to meet. The extent to which the penis can be lengthened depends mainly on the patient's anatomy and the discipline during follow-up treatment.

If you have a normal penis length - i.e. in Germany an average length of almost 10 centimeters when not erect and approx. 14 centimeters when erect - we can definitely do something for you. If you have a very small finding called a "Micropenis”Of an inch or two, we can help you too, but it's a bit more complex. Here we usually combine the operation with liposuction in the area of ​​the penis root, possibly even with a tightening. This requires a little longer consultation and planning in advance. Basically, however, I can give you as a "take-home message", that we can help every man to have a bigger and, above all, thicker penis.

What methods of penis enlargement are there?

When it comes to penis enlargement, we distinguish between lengthening and thickening, which are the two main components of the operation.

In the renewal The ligament (ligamentum fundiforme) that connects the penis with the pelvis is cut through a small incision above the penis root. This severing causes the penis to be mobilized so that part of the penis that is inside the body can be pulled outwards. This is the way we can do it without foreign material and implants to increase the length of the penis. The whole thing only leaves a small scar above the base of the penis, which is no longer visible after a short time.

In the thickening of the penis we work a little differently. Here we have to suck off some fat from another part of the body, for example from the stomach or from the flanks. By the way, many men use this moment to have their stomach and flanks sucked off and defined. The fat that has been removed and specially prepared for transfer to the penile shaft is transplanted in the same operating room. Between the erectile tissue and the skin, this fat leads to a thickening in the upper, lateral and lower area of ​​the penis shaft, so that we achieve a complete thickening there, i.e. enlargement of the circumference of the penis. If necessary, even the Acorn be thickened in this way. For this purpose, the autologous fat is supplemented as nano fat with a proportion of hyaluronic acid.

Which results of penis enlargement are realistic?

The expectation of the operation is a absolutely important topic, which I discuss with my patients in advance. If you assume that we can achieve an increase in length of, for example, five or six centimeters through penis enlargement, then in my opinion it makes no sense at all to undergo this operation. Patients with such expectations must be disappointed. This is because such an increase in length is not realistic. Whoever promises such a result is not working seriously.

After all, a major challenge of surgical penis lengthening is that we do not initially know how much erectile tissue is still in the body behind the attachment point of the ligament. The amount of the erectile tissue that we can pull out is therefore decisive for the individual increase in length of the penis. This results in a Range from one to three centimeters. However, we have had patients in whom we were able to gain four or five centimeters in length in the operating room. This is very different from man to man and over time you lose a bit of length due to the inner pull of the scar. From our experience with numerous penis enlargements carried out, we can say that one An increase in length of two to four centimeters is realistic is, yet cannot be promised. That is why I always say to my patients during the consultation: “If you find an increase in length of only two centimeters disappointing, do not undergo the operation. Save the money, do something else with it. " In addition, I would like to warn everyone at this point against providers who advertise five or six centimeters for a penis enlargement - that is absolutely unrealistic.

In the thickness on the other hand, depending on the length, we can introduce different amounts of fat into the penis. We can do one Volume increase of around 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters in circumference reach - depending on how long the penis is. After all, we want the length and thickness ratio to still look nice and natural.

In summary, I can say: A realistic increase in length is three centimeters on average, a realistic increase in thickness on average about two centimeters. In my opinion, these values ​​can be used as a guide.

What is important for a successful penis enlargement?

All of man's intimate surgery is basically one A matter of experience. Our learning curve has increased dramatically in the past few years until we have perfected the aforementioned techniques of penis enlargement. This cost a lot of effort, a lot of operations and the exchange with international colleagues. Meanwhile we are very routine and guide our patients through the operations very well. Successful penis enlargement therefore depends on the one hand Experience of the surgeon at. This probably accounts for 80 percent of the success - so I advise everyone to only go to an experienced surgeon at this point.

On the other hand, it also depends on the Aftercare of the patient. We give to the patient very detailed instructions in the form of information sheets and materials so that they know exactly what to do and when to omit. An example is Smoking after the autologous fat transfer: The consumption of nicotine leads to an increased death of the fat cells, which therefore has a negative impact on the treatment result. Smoking, sport and pressure on the penis are absolutely taboo for about 6 weeks after a thickening operation!

We have had ours over the past few years Aftercare measures and behavioral tips perfectedso that our patients are optimally accompanied and cared for. These factors contribute to the fact that our practice clinic am Rosengarten is so successful in intimate surgery for men and is in demand.

You are the first German member of the International Academy of Penoplasty, right?

Yes, that's correct. We work closely with one international network of plastic surgeons together, who also have a lot of experience in intimate surgery. This exchange has helped refine our techniques and optimize the results. Today we have acquired a lot of knowledge that would not be possible without this networking. This benefits our patients.

What are the risks of penis enlargement?

Overall, penis enlargement is one very low-risk operation. Nevertheless, all complications must of course be clarified before each procedure. So one of the biggest risks after the operation is the Rebleeding Our patients experience so little pain after the operation that they often get up too quickly, walk around and do sports. We therefore try to slow down our patients and inform them that they should take a little break. A few days of vacation are advisable to allow everything to heal in peace. If these tips are followed, the risk of rebleeding after a week is very low.

Put another risk Malfunctions Fortunately, in all of the penis enlargements we have done in the past, we have not had a single patient with dysfunction - erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory disorder. We now have penis enlargement on request outpatient procedure rearranged. This means that you can go home straight away after the operation. We make an exception for patients who come from very far. These then stay overnight in our practice clinic in order to facilitate the organization and to reduce the risks.

What about scars in this context?

In addition to the surgical risks, of course you also have to deal with the subject of "scar" employ. For correct scar care, we therefore also provide helpful tips to make scars appear "invisible" as much as possible so that they do not interfere with everyday life.

Are there other risks of penis enlargement?

Yes, last but not least, there is a slightly more complex risk: that of the disappointed expectations. As already mentioned, it is always important for us that we honestly tell the patient what he can expect from us. However, if the patient is with unrealistic ideas comes to us in the practice clinic, the subsequent disappointment with the result can also be viewed as a risk or a complication. But if you realistically go into the operating room and have an honest idea of ​​what we can do, then this is surgery almost risk-free. So fortunately our clinic stands at a rate of over all the years that we have been doing penis enlargement 0% major complications there - and I would be happy if it stayed that way.

What does the aftercare for penis enlargement look like?

After the penis enlargement operation, we recommend our patients a special device that we have further developed in cooperation with the manufacturer - the so-called "PeniMaster®”. This is a Distraction device, i.e. an aid for pulling out (distracting) the penis. This measure is important to keep the severed ligament under tension during the healing phase and to achieve trouble-free healing of the penis in the extended position. I know from some colleagues that they do not use this measure as part of the follow-up care for a penis enlargement. However, I am convinced that if you do without this distraction treatment, you can lose the "icing on the cake" in length again. This happens due to internal wound healing and scarring. Our experience shows that the use of the PeniMaster® is one additional benefit in optimizing the result can bring.

How is the PeniMaster® used?

The PeniMaster® is for a certain time worn several hours a day. Of course, this has to be adapted to the patient's everyday life. After all, most of them are employed and cannot wear the distraction device in the office. But, for example, in the evening or at night, the PeniMaster® can be put on and worn for several hours. This will keep the severed ligament distracted.

Since the distraction treatment after penis enlargement is part of our treatment concept, All of our patients receive the PeniMaster® after the operation, including instructions for use at home.

With this little "trick", i.e. the postoperative distraction, you can do a Maximum in length gain through the operation and optimize the treatment result.

Can the penis get shorter again after the operation?

This is a very important question to be answered first with "Yes”Must answer. It is important that we speak openly and honestly with patients about this not to create false expectations of the operation. Unfortunately, I often see this with dubiously advertised offers, which speak of many centimeters in length and suggest that the result achieved directly after the operation is permanent. We therefore always advise our patients on this Result that you will have in the long term. Only that makes any sense. Eventually, during the healing phase and as a result of the scarring, the penis loses some of its added length. As soon as the scar has settled and is soft, you have a stable length ratio. This is after about three to six months the case. This result is stable, i.e. once this is achieved, this length will no longer be taken from you. This means that as a patient you have to be patient to see the long-term result after a period of about six months.

Is it possible to extend a penis without surgery?

We have dealt a lot with this topic in the past. After all, most of the men who get information from us have Tried a lot in advanceto lengthen your penis without surgery - without (permanent

adhere) success, however. These include, for example, creams, ointments, vacuum pumps or various distraction devices. I am always happy to cite an example: Distraction treatment for the penis is like practicing a split. There are also ligaments in your legs and hips that keep you from doing the splits easily. However, if you continuously stretch these ligaments over a longer period of time, you will get closer and closer to the balancing act and maybe even perform it at some point.It is similar with the stretching of the sling belt at the base of the penis. If you stretch this regularly, you will get closer to a longer penis as well. But - and that is the problem with this strategy - once you stop this continuous stretching, the penis will return to its original position. This is the same case with the splits: if you stop exercising, you will no longer be able to do the splits. We also know from experience that distraction treatments tend to be a nuisance in the long run. After all, the treatment has to be carried out every day and the device is not very comfortable either.

For these reasons I keep one Combination of the operative severing of the ligament, a thickening with autologous fat and the postoperative distraction treatment for what is probably the only real way to permanently lengthen your penis.

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