What is your favorite 3 ingredient recipe

Sweetbills watch out! For this recipe you really only need chocolate, eggs and butter - and you can bake a wonderfully moist cake from it in no time

Can chocolate, eggs and butter turn into a delicious pastry that deserves the name? Oh yes - as this 3-ingredient chocolate cake proves! Exactly the right thing if you feel like having cake but hardly have any baking ingredients at home. Or if, like me, you love super juicy pastries in general ... Because that's it, this simple chocolate cake with 3 ingredients.

In America one would say “fudgy” about it. This means that the cake, like brownies, has a rather moist, "crunchy" consistency. But while 3-ingredient baking recipes in the US often look like one of them is a baking mix 😉, this recipe is not misleading. You need, of course: chocolate. This should be of high quality, as it is the main ingredient and therefore responsible for the taste. In addition, there are eggs, which almost alone provide the volume, since it is a 3-ingredient cake without flour or the like. The final ingredient is butter, which makes the dough creamy. Unfortunately, the idea for this recipe is not really my invention 😉. The principle, one so fast Chocolate cake with just a few ingredients There are many different places to bake. However, I have tested several variants for you to find out the best.

When scaled down to one egg, the range of these is sufficient 3-ingredient chocolate cake Recipes of 50-70 grams of chocolate and 15-30 grams of butter. Some bake the dough normally in the oven, others cook it at a low temperature. Sometimes the eggs are separated and egg whites are used. The baking times are also extremely different. I think it's best to prepare it in a water bath, as it prevents the cake from collapsing.

This is how the simple 3-ingredient chocolate cake succeeds

You have to pay attention to a few things so that chocolate, eggs and butter do not turn into a flat something. The preparation is very similar to that of chocolate mousse. Like there, the most important step is to beat the eggs for a really long, very frothy state. And not to collapse this mass again in the end when liquid chocolate and butter are added. Yes, part of the volume is inevitably lost. But not everything 😉 The result is a quick chocolate cake with 3 ingredientsthat tastes incredibly delicious, juicy and sinful 🙂!

A little note about the 3 ingredients chocolate cake: You shouldn't have false expectations. It is a little different than "normal" chocolate cake like this classic from the loaf pan, the tin variant or the one with almonds. But: I personally love him! And would like to have a few pieces of the quick chocolate cake with few ingredients in stock. It tastes particularly great, practically straight from the freezer 🙂. By the way: my marzipan cake, the biscuits, the vegan pancakes, the nut-nougat cream or the low-carb cookies also have a maximum of 3 ingredients!

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3-ingredient chocolate cake

It's hard to believe that such a wonderfully juicy chocolate cake can only be made from chocolate, eggs and butter!
Quantity: 1cl. Springform pan (20 cm)


  • Chop the chocolate and let it melt with the butter in a hot water bath. Then pour into a mixing bowl, set aside and let cool slightly. Meanwhile, beat the eggs in the food processor for 5-10 minutes until they are very light and frothy.
  • Preheat the oven to 170 degrees top and bottom heat. The cake will later be cooked in a water bath. To do this, cover the bottom of a small springform pan (20 cm), which should close very well, with baking paper and grease the edges well. Additionally "wrap" all around with aluminum foil.
  • Add about a third of the egg mixture to the melted, lukewarm chocolate and carefully but carefully fold in with a spatula. It is important that the volume is maintained as much as possible. Then fold in the rest of the egg cream as well.
  • Fill a deep baking sheet, large baking dish or roaster with hot water that should be about two-thirds as high as the springform pan. Place on an oven rack. Put the cake in the springform pan and bake in the water bath for around 25 minutes.
  • Then carefully take it out of the water bath and let it cool down briefly. Turn the cake over, peel off the baking paper and eat it either lukewarm or well chilled. Also tastes great straight from the freezer.

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