Are time and space discontinuous


Despite a long state tradition, the French administration developed slowly and discontinuously into a rational and rationalizing instrument.

Die Zeit, 06/26/2000, No. 26

Does time shrink, does it progress linearly, or is it discontinuous, in jumps or breaks?

Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 11, 1999

The discovery of discontinuously built genes is ascribed of fundamental importance for the decoding of genetic mechanisms.

Archive of the Present, 2001 [1993]

It borders on the wonderful that in a large-scale economy it is possible, in spite of the discontinuous need for investment, to keep the capital goods industries busy over long periods of time.

Binder, P .: Economic Phases. In: The religion in past and present, Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2000 [1962], p. 35738

While the extract for the analysis is only obtained continuously, it is also possible to work discontinuously for preparative purposes.

Sandermann, Wilhelm: Fundamentals of the chemistry and chemical technology of wood, Leipzig: Geest & Portig 1956, p. 419

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