What do Indonesians usually eat for breakfast?

Bali food & the Balinese cuisine

In this post you will learn everything about Bali food and Balinese cuisine. We'll also show you what you shouldn't miss. The article should help you to get a first overview and impression of the food in Bali.

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The Balinese cuisine

Almost every restaurant in Bali cooks internationally. That means, you can also get what you know from home there. These include, for example, pizza, spaghetti, fish and chips or French fries and hamburgers.

Traditional Balinese cuisine is now common in many restaurants (this was not the case in the past). In many restaurants of the tourist strongholds you can find the specialties that come from Bali. However, Balinese cuisine differs from local cuisine in that it takes a long time to prepare.

In addition, it is very unusual for many European stomachs due to its high degree of spiciness. If you don't want to go out to eat in a restaurant, you can simply go to the typical cookshops, which are often located on the roadside or on the beach.

The Balinese name for this type of food stand is "warung". If you should decide on such a cookshop, then you should eat where many locals get their food. There is a high chance that you will get freshly prepared food.

If you want to cook the Balinese way yourself, we recommend one displayCooking course on site in Bali.

Bali breakfast

We always had a normal breakfast on our Bali tour. That means scrambled eggs, bread, spread and some fruit. In addition, there was usually a freshly squeezed juice as you can see in the following picture:

Of course, you can also get colorful platters with various tropical fruits in Bali. These are also very suitable for breakfast. But you can also eat them very well in between.

Bali is known for extraordinary fruits like the red-brown mango tea. It is like a prickly strawberry. You should also ask about the snake skin fruit "Salak".

Fruit plates are perfect if you don't want to eat so much in the morning.

You can also eat the prickly durian fruit in Bali. It tastes sweet, but doesn't smell so good. But you can also get strawberries and melons in Bali as we know them from Germany.

The fruit can be eaten very well with a little fresh yogurt. If you really want to, you can easily get your fill for breakfast in Bali.

Bali food specialties

You can get different specialties in Bali. These include, for example, beef fillet with oyster filling, lamb chops with macadamia crust, fish fillet in a banana leaf and lobster salad.

We recommend the various fish specialties, seafood, crustaceans and shellfish. Because these are among the best in the world. But you can of course limit yourself to the normal Balinese cuisine. For little money (less than 3 euros) the following food is already available in the Ithaka Warung Restaurant in Canggu:

You can find the restaurant at the following address. It's a real recommendation (go to the Facebook page here):

Ithaca Warung
Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 96A
Canggu, Kuta Utara, Canggu, Badung, Kabupaten Badung

And here is the right menu for the restaurant:

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The Balinese noodles with fried vegetables also taste very good. But you have to be careful with the sauce. This can quickly become too sharp. But the waiters usually point this out explicitly. The following is a dish with a slightly hotter sauce:

The vegetable / rice dishes are also recommended. Even if it doesn't look like much in the photo, the portions are often generous and fill me up completely. Otherwise you can order a large dessert for 1 to 2 euros:

In any case, you should order the dish “Bali-Sunset” in the restaurant. This is served with chicken, an orange sauce, rice and fried vegetables and a chili soya sauce and tastes particularly good.

Of course, you can also just order something normal. Fish and chips such as in the Old Mans Restaurant (in Canggu) also taste very good if you don't want to eat something Asian every day:

Bali food on the beach

If you want, you can simply go to one of the numerous “beach stalls” to eat. There is Balinese street food or just corn on the cob. The corn on the cob can already be had for little money (50 cents to 1 euro). You also get a complete corn cob, which is very suitable for "in between".

On the following picture you can see Jenny with her corn on the cob right in Canggu on the beach:

Depending on the one-man kitchen, there are of course also rice and meat dishes that can also be eaten on the hand. Look out for the stalls with most of the locals.

Bali food and drink

In addition to water, cola, Fanta and Sprite, there are of course drinks on Bali that are not so common here. These include, for example, open coconuts from which the coconut juice can be easily drunk with the help of a straw. You can see such a coconut in the following picture:

Of course, juices and smoothies are also popular. There is usually everything a smoothie heart desires here. These include, for example, power smoothies with avocado, kiwi and banana or simply pineapple-mango smoothies with guyabano as shown in the following picture:

But you can also find smoothies made from mango, strawberries and coconut water in the numerous vegetarian and vegan restaurants on Bali. Most of the time this is served with a bamboo straw to make drinking easier and easier.

You can also take a juice cure in Bali or detox yourself to become more vital. You can find out more about this in the numerous retreat centers in Bali.

Bali food prices / costs

How much does food cost in Bali? The dishes shown above start at 24,000 Indonesian rupees (equivalent to around 1.65 euros for a fruit salad) and end at 68,000 Indonesian rupees for a full menu. That corresponds to about 4.89 euros.

Of course, you can also spend more money on Balinese cuisine. If you want to spend a little more money (e.g. for a wedding), then baligoodfood.com is the right place for you.

But if you want normal and healthy Bali food, then you can eat very cheap for little money.

Conclusion on food in Bali

The Balinese cuisine is really diverse. You can't eat everything you would like to try for a long time.

If you are now in the mood for Bali food or the Balinese cuisine, we recommend the book displayBali & Java Street Food: Culinary Travel Sketches with Many Recipes to cook at home. The book also always gives us very good ideas when we are at home. Perfect for everyone who wants to bring Bali a little bit home.

What was your experience of eating in Bali? We look forward to your comment.