I am new to how Udimi works

Is it worth buying Solo Ads from Udimi?

My experiences with the Udimi Solo Ads.

I have already bought Solo Ads several times from Udimi and they always received more clicks than ordered and I always had a good number of registrations for the advertised newsletters.

Of course, I do not direct the purchased traffic to the sales pages of a service or offer that I want to advertise, but always to a landing page, i.e. a page where I ask the visitor to subscribe to my newsletter.

This is how I get valuable email addresses from my potential customers.

In the next days and weeks I can then email these interested parties both automatically and manually, thus increasing the probability of a purchase many times over.

From the advertising one also knows that it takes 7 or more contacts before a prospective customer even considers a purchase decision.

What I advertise at Udimi Solo Ads

As I have stated elsewhere, all of my advertising is focused on my program, my plan, 3Steps2Succeed.com.

3Steps2Succeed.com is an example of such a landing page.

An essential aspect of this strategy is to regularly invest part of the income in advertising in order to push the business and achieve the goal more quickly.

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