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Fact check sperm: You definitely didn't know that yet

It is the question of all questions: what to do if the blowjob was successful and it came to orgasm in our mouth? Hold your breath, spit it out or close your eyes and go?

There is no right or wrong in the swallowing question. Swallow or spit - every woman has to decide for herself. And if your loved one sees things differently, he's an idiot. Point.

It's more a question of diplomacy, like how you tell him you don't feel like swallowing without hurting him. After all, he shouldn't think we're disgusted with him. That is exactly what complicates matters. So here are a few considerations and valuable tips on the elegant blowjob finale and on the subject of sperm.

Many women have no problem swallowing their sperm. After all, it's 90 percent water anyway, and somehow it's a nice token of love when she bravely swallows what it has left behind. Other women, on the other hand, have their problems with the flaky secretion. And yes: that's okay too.

Finale 1: Don't swallow, but spit

There is hardly anything less sexy than spitting your cum in front of your eyes in disgust. Best of all directly on the sheet. But what are the alternatives? Anyone looking for the answer in any pornography about how spitting can look reasonably good will look in vain. The ladies in porn have little to do with reality when it comes to swallowing.

The perfect (polite) solution

Still, there's a pretty good solution: when it comes, just let the sperm run out of your mouth. Do you find that grossly rude to him? On the contrary! Maybe he is flattered that his potency makes your mouth overflow so much. And you've achieved what you want: you don't have to swallow the sperm. So it's a win-win situation.

Another option that is also very sexy: when he's about to come, turn your head to the side and let him splash on your breasts or stomach. No matter where - the main thing is not in the face. Good for you and good for him: His sperm on your body looks kind of hot too and you literally have the problem off your feet.

Only do what you want to do

Speaking of cinematic: you really don't have to imitate most of the things you see in porn. Even if your sweetheart desires that so much. If something doesn't suit you at all, say no and don't let any doubts arise that you might change your mind after all. You are both here to have fun, after all.

Finale 2: Don't spit, swallow

There are actually a lot of women who are really eager to swallow their partner's cum after the blowjob. For these women it is clear: there is hardly anything more erotic and intimate. This is how you show your partner that you want him with skin and hair and that you want him Not disgusting. So swallowing sperm can be a proof of love or a proof of closeness and intimacy - as long as it is voluntary and nice for both.

Those who manage to display their heads may find pleasure in it. And if you can see how much it turns you on, you might even love it.

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You say how and where

The way in which it comes is not unimportant. If it is too stormy, it can lead to a gag reflex. Therefore, make sure that you determine how and, above all, how deep it can come in your mouth! You decide what works and what doesn't. A good feeling too.

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How does semen taste?

Either way, one thing is clear: a sip of semen is not really a delicacy. Depending on what the man has eaten before, it can even get really uncomfortable. So if the taste bothers you, for example because your loved one has previously eaten tons of onions and garlic, you should definitely be able to file a complaint. Cigarettes also have a negative effect on the taste and smell of semen.

Tip: If he eats pineapple a few hours beforehand, it should make the whole thing tastier or sweeter.

What is sperm made of?

The male ejaculate is made up of three parts: First of all, a milky substance that is formed in the prostate and contains proteins and zinc, among other things. The largest proportion (approx. 60-70 percent of the amount of sperm) comes from the two vesicle glands and mostly contains protein to make the sperm fit for their long journey. The sperm cells and the remaining fluid then come from the epididymis.

The so-called pleasure droplet that emerges before the ejaculate comes from the Cowper's glands, also known as bulbourethral glands.

How Much Sperm Per Orgasm?

The average amount of ejaculate during an orgasm is between 2 and 6 milliliters and contains between 20 and 150 million sperm. But: The quantity does not necessarily say anything about the procreative abilities of its producer. A lot doesn't always help a lot in this case.

How many sperm per day?

Men produce an incredible 150 million sperm every day. Most of them, however, are not buoyant enough to get to their destination. The rejects are extremely high.

How Many Calories Does Sperm Have?

If you want to swallow sperm, you don't have to worry about calories: a teaspoon has just ten calories. This is because most of the ejaculate is made up of water.

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Does heat harm sperm?

Sperm don't like it hot. Lounging around for hours in the hot bathtub or the heated seats in the car are not particularly good for the quality of your sperm. Underwear that are too tight or pants that are too tight are not good for him either.

What is the drop of pleasure?

The rumor that women can get pregnant through the pleasure drops (pre-ejaculate), i.e. the semen that emerges from the penis before orgasm, persists. One must say: The pre-ejaculate comes from a different gland than the ejaculate and probably serves as a lubricant for what comes after.

So it can't get pregnant from that. BUT: If you just had sex before, there may still be sperm in the penis, which then comes out with the pleasure drop - and in that case it can lead to a pregnancy after all.

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