What are the main business challenges for migration

Develop resilience and optimize costs by moving to the cloud

Achieve scalability and security by migrating to the cloud to meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

The right support in every phase of your migration to the cloud

Perform your migration safely and efficiently - on your own terms

Spend more time growing your business and less time - and money - managing and protecting your data center infrastructure.

Optimize your costs by migrating to Azure

Save money and increase efficiency by reusing your on-premises licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure at no additional cost. Plus, you'll get expert advice on your migration every step of the way through comprehensive programs and resources.

Security in hybrid cloud environments

Secure your organization with cloud-native, built-in cyber security capabilities that analyze trillions of threat signals every day. Avoid costly business disruptions with high availability and disaster recovery features.

Leverage on-demand, scalable, and always-on managed services

Get ready for today's business needs and prepare for tomorrow's challenges. Cost-effective, demand-based and scalable databases that are always up-to-date and innovative managed services that are always available help you.

Develop new strengths in the cloud

Find out in the playbookThe future of resilience in the company how companies from all industries and around the world are accelerating data and digital platforms to build their resilience.

Increasing the resilience of our customers

“The Azure migration program was the engine for TINE's cloud migration. In addition to the tools it provides, having access to Microsoft experts was extremely helpful. "

Jan Egil Ring, Lead Architect at Crayon | Azure Expert Managed Services Provider for TINE

"One of the challenges when moving to Azure was defining an industry standard-compliant design for our environment."

Guy Levy, Head of Research and Development | additive

"The fact that we are working with the Azure SQL database at the hyperscale level makes it much easier to upgrade to new and existing applications."

Jelther Goncalves, Data Engineer | ClearSale

Develop your strategy and the skills you need to migrate

Cloud migration made easy

Get an end-to-end overview of the migration process, from planning to implementation to optimization.

Lower costs and greater efficiency through migration

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how to cut costs, scale on demand, and avoid costly disruptions.

Lessons from the cloud

Read how four companies migrated Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure to improve performance and reduce costs.

Five best practices for cloud security

This walkthrough will show you how you can use these five Microsoft best practices to better protect your data in the cloud.

Migrate to Azure to save now and prepare for the future

Get details on offers that can save you money, security and disaster recovery features, and planning and partner resources.

Prepare for the future: Accelerate your migration to the cloud

Discover migration best practices, including prioritizing data center assessments, reducing complexity, and iterative migration.

Optimize your costs on Azure

Find out what you can do today to reduce your costs, improve cash flow, and increase efficiency on Azure.


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Move to the cloud

Accelerate your migration with tools to migrate, optimize, protect, and govern your apps and data.

Return to work

Discover additional solutions that will improve your resilience


Improve the security and productivity of your teams with a seamless security solution that integrates people, devices, apps and data.

Remote teamwork

Deliver virtual desktops and apps to your team so they can work more securely anywhere, on any device.