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Formulations in the cover letter: tips and examples

Cover letter: find the right wording!

What do applicants usually see as the biggest hurdle? The cover letter! But don't panic, we have put together some examples for the individual components of the cover letter, which can be helpful as inspiration for your own formulations in the cover letter. From good introductory sentences to examples of qualifications to the written elaboration of skills in your application, here you will find suggestions and appropriate formulations.

Formulation aids for your cover letter



Formulation aid # 1: Formulation of the cover letter introduction

"Every beginning is difficult" - this is especially true for the first sentence in the cover letter. What does a good introductory sentence look like in the application? It is of course best if you have a good hook, this can be a guided conversation or a creative message that relates to the position or the company. But even if you lack this, the following introductory sentences will get you straight to the essentials:

  • example 1: "... after completing my business studies in December 2017 and my first course-related experience as a marketing assistant at Continental Europe at the London Trade Council, I am now looking for a career start in marketing. Therefore I would like to introduce myself to you briefly."
  • Example 2: "... I would like to thank you again for the informative and pleasant conversation on April 2, 2018. As discussed, you will now also receive my application documents in writing."
  • Example 3: "... after my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant, I am studying food technology at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in the 6th semester. After completing this semester, I would like to do a six-month internship as of August 15, 2018 as part of my practical semester."
  • Example 4: "... for the position of project manager, I would like to briefly introduce myself to you as a doctor of molecular biology with ten years of professional experience and extensive project management experience from pharmaceutical and biotech consulting projects at a pharmaceutical service provider."
  • Example 5: "... after more than nine years of experience as a training manager at a medium-sized automotive supplier, I am now actively striving to switch to a job with a wider range. I see the tasks of the head of training that you have outlined as a correct professional and thematically sensible development step."
  • Example 6: ".... As a personnel officer at ABC GmbH, I am currently responsible for an area of ​​around 230 employees from different company levels and professional fields. I would like to change my career and aim for a diverse and interesting task in the human resources area, in which I am the first point of contact for the employees and at the same time I can help shape and develop the human resources work myself."


Formulation aid # 2: Formulation of qualifications

It is important to give a brief overview of your own experiences and qualifications in your application so that the HR managers can tick a few important ticks on their list of requirements. Do not start with your last school leaving certificate, but with your current position or task and mention the points that are actually relevant to the position. For inspiration, some qualifications as an example:

  • example 1: "As an internal SAP consultant in an industrial company, I have many years of experience with SAP. My main focus is on supervising the PP module. In addition, I also look after related areas within logistics. I have successfully implemented SAP at five locations within an industrial company. For individual business processes within the PP modules, I was involved in sub-project management beforehand; I actively accompanied most of the sub-projects. I was also in coordination with external consultants and programmers. During the introduction, I created user documentation and am responsible for employee training."
  • Example 2: "My tasks included advising and supporting new and existing customers, as well as preparing offers, customer presentations, customer-specific market analysis and tendering. Negotiations with insurers about framework agreements and the coordination of product launches were also part of my duties. I was also actively involved in the introduction of our application program within the framework of test management, test control and further development and user training."
  • Example 3: "For the agency XYZ GmbH I was responsible for the complete project handling within the organization of the International Street Music Festival RheinRuhr. In addition to the artist acquisition and support, budget monitoring and public relations belonged to my tasks. I also have the project 'nachts' (night bus in the Dortmund region) I was responsible for press work and PR activities and also coordinated promotional activities. At Film- und Medien Park GmbH Dortmund, I support the organization and press work of the European Shortcuts Festival as an event manager."
  • Example 4: "My area of ​​responsibility included project controlling for customers in the automotive and automotive supplier industries, export control, commercial support for the central contract team and the function of central administrator of Internet customer platforms (B2B)."
  • Example 5: "In my last position, as a market researcher, I was responsible for the geographical expansion and also for the expansion of ABC AG's product portfolio abroad. The customer loyalty measures you requested were also part of my area of ​​responsibility, in addition to the strategic orientation of the company. For example, I was responsible for setting up an international partner network."
  • Example 6: "Since July 2015 I have been in charge of the production / marketing support and purchasing department. In this area, we act as an internal service provider within the group, as we are responsible for the creation and production of all of the company's publications in compliance with CD guidelines. My main tasks include leading the four-person team and ensuring consistently high work quality, planning staff assignments, optimizing processes with internal and external interfaces, negotiating purchasing conditions / reimbursements from external service providers, budget planning and control and planning the technical equipment of the subject. In this context, I introduced new quality standards (PSO) and, together with the suppliers, continuously developed them for the entire area of ​​printing / prepress."


Formulation aid # 3: Formulation of performance examples and experiences

The collected qualifications are one thing, you should attach particular importance to the description of a specific project or activity. They make your experience relevant and tangible, making it easier for the reader to judge your performance. Show yourself the following conceptual structure:

  • Specific tasks of the job are described in the job advertisement.
  • Prove that you are up to this task by not just claiming it, but by providing one or more specific examples.
  • Select examples that correspond to or come close to the required qualifications.

You can then structure the example you have decided on according to the pattern "project - action - result" in order to better work out the key points.

  1. Project: Task with project goal
    Describe the problem and the intended solution for the project. However, it can also be a recurring activity.
  2. action: Concrete description of your approach to the solution
    How did you proceed in detail? What hurdles did you overcome? Which of your qualifications or social skills helped you with this?
  3. result: Result
    Here you describe the benefits for the company, quantitatively (e.g. increase in sales, reach, etc.) or qualitatively (customer satisfaction, quality assurance, etc.).

Monster tip: Incidentally, this is also an excellent preparation for the interview that will hopefully follow!

This type of structure of a project or a challenge in the profession is admittedly very theoretical and you are probably now with a very detailed description that would go beyond the scope of a cover letter. But that's not supposed to be so precise on paper either. Rather, the analysis according to the pattern "project - action - result" should help you to get clear about the essential points. Then it will be easier for you to formulate an example of a possibly complex project in two short sentences.

  • example 1: "In course-related activities and internships, for example in the communication department of Berliner Event AG and the editorial team of the student magazine Berlinbeat, I was able to demonstrate my ability to research topics and to formulate them in an interesting and understandable way as press releases. Currently I am working parallel to my studies as a coordinator in the team for the Berlin Student International Week 2015, which will take place in October 2015 (, where I am responsible for the press and media and have good contact with all relevant print and internet media in Berlin and Brandenburg built. "
  • Example 2: "As a sales controller, I successfully introduced customer-oriented controlling in 2017. My tasks included the conceptual creation, implementation, introduction and employee training. Here I worked closely in an interface role with the area controllers, key account managers, IT learners and the commercial management. "
  • Example 3: "My professional skills are particularly in production and in the prepress area. As a personal success, I can mention the standardization of corporate publications in terms of printing technology. The team I lead is seen in the company as powerful and very flexible. "
  • Example 4: "My daily tasks include direct customer care, internal and external coordination as well as the organization of events and projects, accompanied by timing and costing and finally monitoring. The most demanding project that I managed alone with the customer was the dealership event for Kondo that took place at Motor Stuttgart in September 2011 with a thousand motorcycle dealers from Northern Europe. "
  • Example 5: "Specifically, I analyzed the online market and the functions for a hotel booking engine for the largest global hotel cooperation. The concept was implemented on the basis of my experience with a development team as part of the Software Gold partnership. This increased the number of customers by 31% and 2300 travel agencies were equipped with this technology. In addition, it was possible to establish the software as the standard on the market and we replaced a larger, leading IT company with the customer. "
  • Example 6: "As a training manager, I am currently responsible for twenty commercial trainees. My tasks include selecting and hiring, creating training plans, checking report books, planning and preparing internal lessons, intensive preparation for exams and intensive communication with external bodies such as For example with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the vocational school. By introducing internal lessons, regular employee appraisals and better communication with the departments, I have succeeded in sustainably improving the quality of training in our company. "


Formulation aid # 4: Formulation of motivation & goals

An explanation of your motivation should also be given a little space in your cover letter to make it clear why you want the position and what added value you can deliver to the company. Here you should go inside yourself again and consider why you are applying for this position in the first place. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I find the job and the ad interesting?
  • Does the area of ​​responsibility correspond to my ideas?
  • What goals am I pursuing with my application?
  • Why am I interested in the company?
  • Does it all fit my ideas?

Do not include the website's marketing statements and repeat what the company already knows, but describe with facts and simple words what your professional goals are, how you would like to develop professionally and what opportunities you see in the position. Let yourself be inspired by our sample texts:

  • example 1: "I have successfully designed and implemented the mapping and implementation of business processes in the area of ​​finance and controlling in SAP / R3 in projects for the above-mentioned clients. After a semester abroad and several months of internship in South Korea, I developed a great professional and personal interest in Asia. I would like to use this intercultural experience for the commercial support of your client's activities in Asia. "
  • Example 2: "Even today, my "heart and soul" lies in the professional planning and implementation of projects and regular contact with customers. In my current position, however, this is neglected because my job profile has changed mainly in the direction of bookkeeping and the integration of administrative processes due to changed ownership structures. "
  • Example 3: "I am familiar with Industriebank Eisenhütte AG through a series of seminars on the subject of bank accounting and the euro changeover. In this context, I got a very good insight into the bank's departments and was able to convince myself of the professionalism of the accounting department. So I would be happy to be able to use my experience as an accounts payable clerk with you. "
  • Example 4: "Due to my training and my subsequent internship at the Karlsruhe Research Center, I am familiar with the subject of large-scale systems and pilot systems for combined heat and power plants. At Meissner, I created a useful addition to water treatment with my experimental research on corrosion protection in cooling circuits. With this combination, I see myself optimally prepared for a job in power plant technology with you. "
  • Example 5: "What appeals to me about the challenging position in your company is to be able to work independently on HR tasks in addition to assistance. I also see this as an opportunity to focus more on the topic of personnel again. "
  • Example 6: "After four years at ABC, I am now looking for new professional challenges that match my goal of working in quantitative research in portfolio management. I see this in your home for the following reasons. I am currently in charge of the equity department at Bank AG, namely the portfolio manager in the areas of portfolio analysis and quantitative backtesting. I really like the professional working style and the atmosphere that I experience as a result of the cooperation. "

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