How big is Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Ring name:
Rey Mysterio
Real name: Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio
Born: December 11, 1974 in San Diego, California (USA)
He got his name from his uncle, who was called Rey Mysterio (Sr.). He is currently fighting in SmackDown!Mexican jumping bean"
called, although he was not born in Mexico himself, because he was born to his parents. He is called spring bean because he is so small and nimble. His trademark is the mask he wears in every fight and which is a tradition among Mexican wrestlers. You can say Rey Mysterio with King of secrets or mysterious kingGutiérrez made his debut as a wrestler at the age of 14 in Tijuana, Mexico, as he was not yet able to obtain a license in the United States due to his age. He fought quite successfully in Mexico, one of his most consistent opponents was Psicosis, who was later also active in the WWE. He has played more than 500 matches against him in his career so far. In 1995, Rey moved to the ECW, where he made his first experience in the USA. After a short time, he decided to follow Psicosis to the WCW. In 2001 he moved back to Mexico to show his skills here for a year without a mask, as he had to take it off after a lost match.
His achievements made him one of the crowd's favorites. Rey was a world heavyweight champion, making him the lightest and smallest wrestler ever to win the title. During this time, he was also seen as a world champion. In an interview he said he had around 100 different Has masks all linked to an outfit, and when Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble in 2006, he set a record. At 1:02:15 hours, he is the wrestler who has been in the match for the longest time in the history of Royal Rumble.
  • Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
    • 1x Mexican National Trios Championship with Octagón and Super Muñeco
    • 1x Mexican National Welterweight Championsh
  • AAA Hall of Fame (2007)

    International Wrestling All-Stars

    • 1x IWAS Tag Team Championship - with Konnan
  • World Championship Wrestling
    • 5x WCW Cruiserweight Champion
    • 1x WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion(Last champion)
    • 3x WCW World Tag Team Champion (1x each with Billy Kidman, Konnan and Juventud Guerrera)
  • World Wrestling Association
    • 3x WWA Lightweight Championship
    • 1x WWA Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio Senior
    • 3x WWA Welterweight Championship
  • World Wrestling Council
    • 1x WWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
    • 1x World Heavyweight Champion
    • 2x WWE Intercontinental Champion
    • 3x WWE Cruiserweight Champion
    • 4x WWE Tag Team Champion (1x each with Edge, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero and Batista)
    • Royal Rumble Winner 2006
  • Tijuana, Mexico
    • Tijuana Hall of Fame (2006)