Trumps' tariff strategy is paying off

What moves us

Key account management: tariff product, sales channel and communication channel

Just a “cheap product” or a major sales channel as well? We work with our customers to develop a clear strategy for actively cultivating the company market. Our key account management starts with a potential analysis: Which and how many companies or other bulk buyers are suitable for a targeted approach? Is today's market utilization satisfactory?


In this way, we were able to support numerous clients in switching from cost-optimized to incentive-oriented corporate customer care. In doing so, new large customer tariffs were often used, which open up more flexibility in the drafting of contracts. An important principle for us: The tariff must offer an incentive for new customers, but without cannibalizing today's users.


The qualifications of the key account managers are also decisive for success. Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung offers targeted in-house support, carries out introductory and advanced training courses - and organizes an annual exchange of experience between our customers' key account managers.

Have a good trip: growth potential in leisure and tourism traffic

Leisure and excursion traffic is full of opportunities for local public transport - thanks in part to demographic developments. But the demand is a "shy deer", with less willingness to pay than for other purposes. In addition, leisure trends and destinations are not always compatible with local public transport.

If you want a larger share of the excursion budget, you have to better integrate public transport into the tourist offers. Our potential analyzes show specific target groups and growth opportunities. In order to ensure higher yields and passenger numbers, we differentiate between the willingness to pay of locals and visitors to the region. When setting tariffs, we consider both price-volume strategies (e.g. pay-as-you-go guest cards) and skimming strategies - a high price for the first use with a strong incentive for follow-up trips.

When it comes to marketing offers, we ensure a clear division of labor between the actors: Who is responsible for market cultivation? With which cooperation partners can marketing synergies be achieved? Last but not least, we take into account the special requirements for communication and sales of public transport in leisure traffic.

Schoolchildren and youth market: more than just forced customers

Today, the “mum / dad taxi” often plays a bigger role among young people than buses and trains - for safety and environmental reasons, this is not an ideal situation. At the same time, the regulations on reimbursement of school travel expenses raise problems in many places, which can be a good reason for a new regulation.


Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung has shown that a price-volume strategy can significantly increase market shares in the youth market. Especially when many students are not allowed to travel freely in urban areas, their willingness to pay is seldom tapped by the conventional student monthly cards. With the right value-added service, students who have previously been allowed to drive can even get their own share with broad acceptance.


But also in sales and communication we recommend new ways to win over the regular customers of tomorrow. Online platforms offer themselves as the center of activities - however, traditional support with promotions and posters remains important.

Seniors: Third Teeth, Second Spring, First Class Customers

The days of older citizens without a driver's license, who inevitably have to take the bus, are over: Retirement is still one of the most common reasons for canceling a subscription. But how do you address this target group independently, and with what offers?


Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung develops individual communication concepts for seniors who want to be taken seriously. We will design a convincing tariff offer and coherent marketing campaigns for you: Depending on the current market share, a price-volume strategy with large flat-rate tickets can generate additional income, as our case study shows. But we have also had good experiences with small-scale, local offers.


Last but not least, we assess your service quality with the senior glasses: Because accessibility, intuitive sales technology and a safe, clean atmosphere are quality requirements that ultimately benefit all customers!

Multimodal offers: Car & bike sharing meets public transport

A trend is born: car sharing and rental bikes dominate the discussion about a new urban mobility. Empirical evidence shows that car sharing is causing a decline in private cars - whose previous owners can then become loyal public transport customers as well. Multimodal cooperations are therefore on everyone's lips, funding for additional electromobile offers is gushing, and transport companies are trying to meet this new requirement.


But where is the business model from the point of view of public transport? The number of customers, which is rather marginal in many places, shows that the golden path to a widely accepted “mobility network” has not yet been found. As a driver of environmentally friendly mobility, municipalities are just as interested in serious cooperation offers as public transport, which should not abandon the role of local mobility professionals.


Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung supports you in your search for a multimodal business model that is more than just a showcase project for all partners: From sales cooperations to multimodal tariffs and their billing to a closed branding as a "mobility network". In this business area we are active both in an advisory capacity and as a research partner, for example in the "emove" research project in Aachen.

Long-distance transport: entry into the market with hand and foot

For decades, long-distance public transport developed in monopolistic structures. In the meantime, the markets on both the rail and the road are at least formally open - even if many companies shy away from the risks of entering the market.

Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung supports new and established long-distance transport providers in the selection of a suitable strategy for market development, enriches the branding process with creative ideas and identifies the existing demand potential for sub-networks or routes. Another focus is the calculation and introduction of marketable, commercially successful tariff offers that set the appropriate user incentives in the target markets.

Of course, we also have a large number of tried and tested measures for communication of offers and sales promotion up our sleeve - we feel at home in all communication channels and event formats. We are happy to support long-distance transport companies in the selection of suitable options.