The bowel movement makes your stomach empty

Enema with tea or coffee?

To increase the effect, the inlet water can be provided with bentonite, for example (1 tablespoon per 500 ml of water), which increases the absorption and excretion of toxins.

Chamomile or linseed tea can also be used. Chamomile tea soothes and flaxseed tea relieves inflammation in the intestines. By the way, linseed tea is not a real "tea", but describes the soaking liquid of linseed.

To do this, soak 3 tablespoons of whole flaxseed in plenty of water, after an hour fill up with enough water to achieve the desired amount of enema liquid and then pour off the flaxseed. So you only use the liquid and NOT the actual seeds.

Coffee enemas, on the other hand, are said to stimulate the liver in particular and strengthen the detoxification capacity of this organ. However, they can also relieve pain of all kinds.

Coffee enemas should best be carried out in consultation with a therapist, as they can have extremely strong - even negative - effects. They should also only be practiced with organic coffee, the better enema variant is green organic coffee.

Enemas as an accompanying measure

Enemas or colonic irrigations are very effective at cleaning the lower intestines, but have the disadvantage that they by no means clean the entire colon, let alone the small intestine.

For this reason, they are not suitable as the sole measure for colon cleansing, but they are extremely suitable as an accompanying measure to a colon cleansing program as described in point 2.

In any case, remember that colon cleansing can only be successful after a while. A lifetime of bad eating habits could clog and contaminate your bowels.

As a result, in some cases it can take a few years for the digestive system to clear all of the accumulated debris.

Usually, however, the first successes can already be recorded after a few weeks. In either case, be patient with your body and support it wherever you can.

* The mention of animal testing does not mean that WE are in favor of it. On the contrary. We reject animal experiments, especially because they are often carried out to test methods for combating diseases that could very well be eradicated with the help of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Ultimately, we only mention animal experiments and their results because readers insist on scientific evidence over and over again.


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