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Application for membership

The application for membership can be downloaded here:
Application for membership.docx (rowing regulations and statutes)
If you are interested in rowing, just drop by at the given training times or contact the respective trainer beforehand.

Annual membership fee

category active passive Membership fee + Association fee
Adults (from the age of 18) active 211 € 28,16 €
passive 110 € 28,16 €
Young people (between the ages of 14 and 18)    125 € 15,49 €
Apprentices, students, volunteers    125 € 28,16 €
Children (up to 14 years of age)    94 € 1,29 €
Families, married couples with children up to the age of 18    302 € depending on the number of people
Married couples both active 302 € 55,32 €
active passive 264 € 56,32 €
both passive 202 € 56,32 €
(decided at the ordinary general meeting on March 28, 2014)

Trial course

Adults 30 €
Couples 50 €
Children, young people, trainees free

Admission fee

65 euros, includes a club t-shirt, the statutes, a club sticker and the use of a locker.

Association taxes

The association fees to be paid by the RCS to the three associations DRV, AAC / NRB and HSB are passed on to all members. This means that all adults have to pay EUR 28.16, young people EUR 15.49 and children EUR 1.29 in addition to their contribution. Our club is a member of the three associations so that we can practice our sport. Through the membership in the DRV and AAC / NRB we are z. B. entitled to start in regattas, through membership in the HSB we are, among other things, liability insured.

Direct debit

The debit takes place on March 1st. and on 01.09. of the year for the half-yearly, or on 01.06. for the annual move-in.

Active / passive membership

Anyone who uses the club's own sports equipment, the boathouse or its inventory for sporting purposes is considered an active member. A passive member is anyone who does not (any longer) do sports, but wants to continue to support the club through membership and is interested in social club life. The contribution group can only be changed at the end of the year. A retrospective change is generally not possible. The application for membership can be downloaded here. The application must be sent to the RCS in writing. Sending via e-mail or the like is not permitted. If your personal data (address, account, ...) should change, you can download a suitable form here. Please also pass this form on to the RCS in writing.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Administration [ät]