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Vietnam, 1967. The student Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) volunteers in the jungle war full of idealism. There he meets Sergeant O'Neill (John McGinley), a disgusting ass-creep, Lieutenant Wolfe (Mark Moses) and King (Keith David), who is constantly counting the days until he is allowed to go home. In the green hell, Chris quickly comes to a bitter realization: War does not create heroes, but turns people into raw beasts. Chris' dreams finally burst when he realizes that the fight is also raging in his own ranks - between the brutal Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger) and Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe), who has retained his humanity despite the nerve-wracking fights, is brighter Hate. This ultimately leads to Barnes killing Elias. Chris seeks revenge ...

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By Ulrich Behrens
Oliver Stone's “Platoon” caused strange reviews. For example, “Cinema” wrote, “[...] precisely from the mere restriction to the surface of the war” results “the dubiousness of the film. Behind the shocking documentarism of 'Platoon', patriotic rehabilitation and conservative Catholic support loom quietly and unobtrusively. Oliver Stone gives the American guilty conscience an ex post absolution. ”In which film was the author of these lines? The lexicon of international film sees “Platoon” as a heroization of the fallen victims ”(of course only the American ones!)”. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” asks itself and us whether Stone's strip is the “attempt at a psychological zero solution to the Vietnam problem: the final disarmament of indignation in the cinema”. The film allows "space for every interpretation, it just sticks together the walls as a plaster ...
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Platoon is one of the films that best portrays the horror of war. First-class cast and great played and with Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings Platoon has an excellent background music. This film is a must, as is Apocalypse Now. Although both films are about the Vietnam War, both films cannot quite compare. Apocalypse Now is a war film in the first third, a journey on a ...
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There are definitely better representatives in this genre. In many moments it is clearly too overloaded for me.
Platoon is a consistent anti-war film. Apart from its political sincerity, the film does not manage to go beyond individual strong moments to develop an effective dramaturgy and develop believable characters. The constant mate behavior, the occasional psychological breakdown, the macho threatening gestures and barbaric excesses are frightening, but do not go deep for my taste ...
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"Platoon" is a film that has very good approaches and unfortunately nothing more. the music selection is world class and so are the cast! the story and the ending are actually good too, but the problem is that in my opinion the film doesn't allow any connection to the characters. nevertheless i have to say the film is ok, but i hoped for more!
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