Are LinkedIn recommendations important?

LinkedIn: 9 tips for a successful company website

According to Statista, LinkedIn has around 500 million registered members. Due to the increasing usage, LinkedIn can be a helpful tool for companies to reach your target groups directly. With your own profile, customers and interested parties can be regularly kept up to date with relevant company contributions.

In addition, the profile enables a direct Dialog between companies and potential customers, whereby suggestions and criticism can be recorded and processed immediately. Thus, the company's presence on LinkedIn can increase customer loyalty as well as Actively promote new customer acquisition on the Internet.

1. Use your company profile as a business card on the web

The company profile is the linchpin of your presence on LinkedIn and therefore requires special attention. Set up a profile and complete it interesting information about your company and your products and services. Invite meaningful profile photo high so that customers and prospects can see at a glance who is responsible for the company page.

You can improve the visibility and findability of your company profile in the internal LinkedIn search by relevant information published:

The more information you reveal about your company on LinkedIn, the more transparent and serious you appear to potential customers who visit your company profile.

2. Make it easier for potential customers to access your company page

At the beginning, the URL of your profile consists of just one complicated number combinationthat is hard to remember. In the personal settings of your profile you can set a so-called Create a vanity urlto give customers and prospects more convenient access to your company website. If possible, choose a name that identifies your company as the author of the profile.

3. Think of international customers too

If you want to reach international customers with your presence on LinkedIn, you can do yours Set company profile multilingual. A collection of a total of 41 languages ​​is available for a multilingual profile.

4. Build a profitable network of contacts

The more contacts you can activate for your company profile, the more users you can reach with your content. So start looking for potential contacts with whom you can communicate right from the start. In addition to looking for contacts on LinkedIn, you can also Import existing contacts from your mail directory:

E-mail contacts from your own GMX, GMAIL or Yahoo e-mail address as well as from your Outlook directory can be invited and join you on LinkedIn.

In order not to lose track of the contacts you have acquired so far, you can create a List as CSV or VSF file save and print.

5. Fill your profile regularly with relevant information

You can use your own profile on LinkedIn to find interesting and useful Enter and publish content yourself, for example:

  • Status reports
  • Product promotions
  • Press releases
  • useful technical articles

So you can keep your target groups up to date with individual contributions. In addition, the regular update of your profile improves the Visibility and findability in the search engines.

6. Prove competence in the LinkedIn groups

The groups are an integral part of communicating on LinkedIn.

If you have joined one of the numerous groups, you can connect with other users from your industry talk about subject-specific topics. Search specifically for the conversation in the groups in order to underpin your expert status and to prove yourself as a competent conversation partner. However, you also have the option of a to found your own group and fill them with interesting topics. Your own group also offers an ideal place to enter into direct dialogue with potential customers.

7. Develop your company profile

Connect your LinkedIn profile with other accounts in order to reach potential customers with your content beyond LinkedIn. For example, you can publish the articles from your WordPress blog or website directly in the LinkedIn updates. You also have the option of your Link your company page to your Twitter profile.

Tweets published on Twitter appear in parallel in LinkedIn updates and vice versa.

In addition, you can Company news as an RSS feed embed directly into your LinkedIn profile. The strong networking of the content can support you in reaching other potential customers and winning new customers for your company.

8. Provide recommendations for better visibility

On LinkedIn, members can use recommendations to rate other users and companies. Recommended profiles are Rank higher in LinkedIn search. With recommendations, you can sustainably consolidate your awareness and reputation with existing and new customers.

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9. Go on an employee search

LinkedIn can not only be helpful for customer acquisition, the social network also offers some interesting possibilities for the search for new and competent employees. You can search for new employees using the internal LinkedIn search. Depending on how extensively the user has filled their profile with content, you have the opportunity to find out more about the Training path, the Core competencies as well as the previous employer to inform. This gives you a good first insight into whether the user and their skills are a good fit for your company.

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