Can I use PayPal to shop at AliExpress?

Payment methods on Aliexpress

Update: and therefore this post is almost obsolete

For all the ones Paypal account there is good news. In the meantime, many shops on Aliexpress accept Paypal and of course you can also benefit from Paypal buyer protection, which in almost all cases always gives the customer the right, at least in my experience.

There are numerous payment methods available to pay on Aliexpress.

For German customers, the one from many German banks, such as Voksbank, is of particular interest Giropay System, with which you can pay your bank immediately without registration with PIN and TAN in the online banking.

Another method you can use to pay for your order on Aliexpress is via Instant bank transfer also with your bank's PIN and TAN. However, both of these methods are not welcomed by privacy advocates.

The best means of payment on Aliexpress - a credit card

Furthermore, any Visa and Mastercard Credit cards accepted. If you don't have one yet and don't want to order a lot, you can get one Prepaid credit card to fetch. You can buy these in many petrol stations, supermarkets or kiosks and usually top up prepaid up to € 100. The thing is very practical for one-off orders only if you order more often the loading fees for prepaid cards are expensive.

By the way, the credit card details are not sent to the Aliexpress dealer, but only to Alipay.

In addition to the payment methods mentioned, there are many more such as Webmoney and American Express. Normal Unfortunately, prepayment is not accepted . One option for those who do not yet have a credit card is the fee-free MasterCard Gold >> a cheap option.


All payments are made through Alipay, an Alibaba service. The merchants do not receive the money directly from you but from Alipay after receiving the goods. This means that they do not have access to your payment data and information.

In the meantime you can also create your own Alipay account that works similarly to PayPal. Only the buyer protection is even higher and shipping costs are reimbursed. So far I haven't had a case in which I had to fall back on it and I hope it stays that way.

Remember that Aliexpress or the Alibabagroup is one of the largest Chinese companies. Aliexpress is among the 60 most visited websites worldwide!

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