How do cardiovascular diseases affect your health

Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common health problems. For the most part, they are caused or at least strongly favored by today's way of life and are thus diseases of civilization.

  • "Natural way of life"

    On the evolutionary scale, we are - biologically speaking - practically at the level of the first Homo sapiens sapiens. The “natural way of life” would therefore be that of the hunter and gatherer who nomadically follows the food sources. During the growing seasons there would be wild fruits, roots, herbs and seeds. The main occupation would be hunting - according to the latest research, by the way, probably also for women. Those who do not hunt would more or less wander around to collect additional food. Only a few clan members “sat at home” and did their work there.

    Now it's almost the other way around: Most people “sit” somewhere and do tasks that are not directly related to getting food. When it comes to food, there is not a variety of good times on the one hand and a lack of bad times on the other - there is always the same abundant choice. The metabolism of Homo sapiens is not adjusted to this. At the same time, people are getting older - small disturbances have time to develop into serious problems.

We cannot go back to the habits of the hunter-gatherers, but one can make one's lifestyle healthy. These five elements are important for this:

  • Healthy eating
  • Sufficient physical exercise
  • Avoiding or minimizing harmful substances such as tobacco smoke, alcohol and drugs
  • Mental Health Care - Stress Management, Treating Depression
  • Attention to your own health
    • Keep an eye on health data such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and blood fat levels
    • Use preventive medical examinations and check-ups - People with statutory health insurance are entitled to regular health checks, which are paid for by the health insurance company. Those aged 18 to 34 are entitled to such a check-up; from 34 years of age, the health insurance company pays for a preventive health check-up every three years.

Of course, it's best to start your life healthily as early as possible. As long as you don't feel any problems, you tend to "forget" about it. The good news: Switching to a healthier lifestyle is always beneficial. In this way, existing problems can be alleviated or, in the best case, resolved even in old age. So, whether you start living healthier early or late - get started!