How do I make good sales calls

Sales pitches: 12 tips to win over customers

The Competitive pressurein almost all industriesincreases and increases - among other things because the products are becoming more and more comparable. So the personality of the seller becomes more important. Top salespeople know this and use this situation for their success.

The Products are becoming more and more comparable and interchangeable. This complaint can also be heard regularly from salespeople. They should be happy about this. Because when the products become more comparable, the seller becomes more important. His appearance and behavior increasingly determine which offer a customer opts for. Take advantage of this situation Top seller. They emotionalize their offer and communicate with their customers in such a way that

  • they become “number 1” in their minds and
  • customers buy from them (and not from competitors).

Today more than ever: Customers always buy this emotional total package of seller and offer. And: Only if a seller is convincing, his offer will also be number 1 for the customer. Unfortunately, with many sellers, the overall package is not right.

For example, because they are not sufficiently motivated for upcoming customer meetings. Or because they are in them too show little interest in their customers. Or because they have one in them verbal rolling course drive. The result: the customer does not feel comfortable in contact with the seller. So he's not enthusiastic about his offer either. And the seller? After the conversation he stands empty-handed. Quite different if a customer feels comfortable in contact with the seller. Then he is enthusiastic about his offer and buys.

Top salespeople have learned to start this positive chain reaction with customers by helping them the preventers of success identified in their behavior and trained a consciously different behavior. Here are twelve practical tips on what you as a seller should pay attention to so that you canmore fun in your job, your customers more joy talking to you and so are you more success has:

  1. Have a good mood, create a good mood!
  2. The first impression counts, the last impression remains!
  3. Friend or foe? Your facial expressions decide!
  4. Adjusting ensures a good climate!
  5. Sell ​​emotions!
  6. Ask the best, the average talk!
  7. Take a rest!
  8. Use utility language!
  9. Avoid bad words, generalizations and filler words!
  10. Use hidden messages!
  11. Welcome objections!
  12. Don't be afraid of the customer's "no"!

1. Have a good mood, create a good mood!

The Sales success starts in your head. Or to put it another way:

Only those who are in a good mood will be well received.

So make the minutes before every sales pitch or phone call a positive ritual. Prepare yourself not only in terms of content, but also mentally for the conversation. Think of something nice - for example a great evening with friends or your last great sales success. Until you really feel like talking and are totally curious about the customer. Then you will be well received by him.

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2. The first impression counts, the last impression remains!

There are two Key moments in every sales pitch: the first and the last impression. The first few seconds of your encounter with the customer determine how much Sympathy, trust and attention he gives you. You lay the foundation for your success. So make sure that youconvincingcome overwhen the customer forms a first impression of you. If your attitude towards customers and selling is right, this is usually the case.

The last impression, on the other hand, i.e. your final words and actions as well as the commitment and determination that you exude during the (sales) conclusion, determine how the customer keeps you in mind. He also decides whether he will buy from you (also in the future).

3. friend or foe? Your facial expressions decide!

Even our ancestors decided on the basis of the Facial expressions of the other person: Friend or foe? We are doing the same thing today - especially in the start-up phase of talks. So make sure that your facial expressions do not signal disinterest, for example, while you are also verbally saying “Nice that I meet you”.

But be careful! Most important and tell-tale are your eyes. If they speak a language other than your tongue, the customer will notice it immediately. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with a joyful tension offset. Then your eyes shine.

4. Adjustment ensures a good climate!

Extend your antennas at the beginning of the conversation. Observe the customer and his behavior very closely:

  • How does it work? Tired and stressed or relaxed and in a good mood?
  • How does he speak Loud or quiet, slow or fast?
  • Which language does he choose? Does he speak like a sober technocrat or flowery with lots of pictures.

Same your (body) language as yours Speech and behavior the opposite. Because similarities create trust! And watch out regularEye contact. He also creates a connection.

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5. Sell emotions!

Customers buy emotions. First the (good) feeling that you give them as a person, and only then the emotional benefit that your offer offers them. Be real. Act like you do with good friends. Authentic selling is simply unbeatable - today more than ever!

But be careful: only honest feelings have a positive effect! Therefore, you should learn to manage your emotions (see point 1).

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Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, is a rhetoric and sales trainer. He is considered the expert in emotional selling. In September, Gabal Verlag published his latest book Top Emotional Selling: The 7 Secrets of Top Sellers.