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Ship Disasters: The Most Dangerous Seas in the World

The freighter “El Faro” was just off the Bahamas when Hurricane “Joaquin” came up with wind speeds of up to 215 kilometers per hour. The captain of the 224-meter-long cargo ship drove a risky course. Instead of staying several hundred miles away from the center of the storm as usual, he wanted to reach his destination port of Puerto Rico directly.

The last radio contact was on the morning of October 1, 2015, according to the US National Transportation Safety Authority. Then the ship disappeared. The security authorities assume that it sank a little later and that all 33 people on board were killed.

The "El Faro" was one of 85 total losses in global shipping last year: By this insurance companies mean ships that have sunk, burned down or been so badly damaged after an accident that only one scrapping remains.

85 losses meant a decrease of three ships compared to 2014. In a ten-year comparison, this is the lowest level. The number of ship accidents and ship damage also fell last year - by four percent to 2,687 cases.

No chance in a storm

The worst threat to ships is extreme weather: three of the ten largest ship losses in 2015 were caused by storms. The most accident-prone day of the week is Thursday - as in the case of the freighter off the Bahamas. Saturday is the safest day.

All of this emerges from the “Allianz Safety & Shipping Review 2015”. This global study on the safety of shipping is available to the “world”.