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The murder of George Floyd: a verdict that moves people

Numerous people are waiting in front of the court in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Tuesday, worrying for hours, praying, keeping silent - or speculating about the outcome of the process inside the building.

Prayers during the jury deliberations: The lawyer of the George Floyds family, Ben Crump (l.), With the brother Rodney Floyd (center) and the civil rights activist Al Sharpton (r.)

There a decision is made about the former police officer Derek Chauvin. It's about the killing of the African American George Floyd, who suffocated in agony a year ago during a police operation. Chauvin hadn't let go of him, even though Floyd was gasping for breath, but had pushed his knee back, half sitting on top of him. The act was documented on videos.

An 11-year-old boy and his mother take part in a vigil in Houston, Texas

The violent death had not only fueled the social debate about police violence and racism in the United States, but was also a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement. All over the world people took to the streets.

Judgment Day is also an important date for many Americans to demonstrate against racism in Minneapolis and many other US cities.

George Floyd commemorated in Minneapolis on the day of the sentencing

Finally the redeeming message: guilty verdict for Chauvin - and cheers and tears from the demonstrators. Many are crying in each other's arms, others chant "guilty, guilty, guilty". "It's a small victory, but I feel so much pride and joy about this victory," said a protester in a television interview. Another woman said she hoped there would never be "another George Floyd case."

"I can't breathe" - the last words of George Floyd became, as here in New York, the slogan of the protests

The twelve jurors had deliberated all day. After less than eleven hours, they came to the verdict and found Chauvin guilty on all three counts - unanimously.

The most serious of these was second degree murder without intent. However, the exact sentence has not yet been determined; in any case, there is a long jail sentence. The 45-year-old took note of the verdict without moving. Immediately after the sentencing was announced, he was taken away in handcuffs.

How high the prison sentence for Derek Chauvin will be has not yet been determined

"George Floyd's family has finally seen painfully deserved justice," said family lawyer Ben Crump afterwards. The verdict is a "turning point" in history. It sends the "clear message" that police officers must be held accountable for wrongdoing.

Music concert in Minneapolis: The guitarist dedicated his song to one of the brothers of the murdered George Floyd

Floyd's brother Rodney tells the AFP news agency that the verdict is "very important" to all black people in the United States. "We needed a win on this one and we got it - and, hey, maybe we can breathe a little better now," he added.

US President Joe Biden welcomed the guilty verdict, but at the same time called for the fight against racism and police violence. Structural racism is "an eyesore on the soul of our nation." Looking at Floyd's family, he emphasized, "Nothing can ever bring back her brother, her father. But this can be a giant step forward on the march for justice in America." However, real change and real reforms are necessary for this.

Demonstrations after the verdict also took place in US cities such as New York

On the day the verdict was announced, a possible new "George Floyd" case shook the United States. According to the police in the city of Columbus, Ohio, a police officer shot and killed 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant, who had apparently threatened another youth with a knife. The authorities wanted to be "transparent with the incident," said Columbus' police chief Michael Woods. There were demonstrations in the city after the youths died.