What is the sound of love

The sound of love - a millennium ritual (gift edition): singing bowls about conception, pregnancy, birth and the first year of life as well as an exercise that will change the world.

David Lindner's new book is not only the first singing bowl textbook about conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of life - it also contains a revolutionary little exercise, the effect of which will one day be of overriding emotional and spiritual importance for our children.

So "The Sound of Love - A Millennium Ritual" is much more than a practical book. In this book, sound pioneer David Lindner combines the most modern neurobiological findings on the growth of our children's brains during pregnancy with his research on the effects and use of singing bowls. He created a touching (sound) exercise for parents-to-be, with which we can send a clear signal to our unborn children: a message that has been proven to promote the life of our children towards more health, love, trust, cooperation, empathy, creativity and togetherness becomes.

But David goes even further in this book: With the creation of the ancestral or millennium bowl and a completely new and moving ritual, the successful author gives us the opportunity to re-tie the bond between the generations.

The potential of "The Sound of Love - A Millennium Ritual" for the future of our children can hardly be overestimated. Because there are no complex pedagogical ideas in this book - there are sound applications that are as simple as they are enjoyable. Through them we connect with our children in a completely new - and relaxed - way and send them a message of love, hope and confidence.