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Further training profile for the IHK degree

Areas of work and tasks

Certified industrial foremen - specializing in foodstuffs are qualified to perform the following tasks as a manager between planning and execution in the area of ​​responsibility assigned to them:

  1. Participation in planning and setting up the operating resources; monitor the equipment with regard to quality requirements and malfunctions; Arrange for the maintenance and improvement of the equipment;
  2. Transferring the tasks, taking technical, economic and social aspects into account, to the employees according to their performance, qualifications and suitability; Training and instruction of employees; Striving for a partnership relationship with employees; Passing on the suggestions and concerns of the employees with their own assessment; Endeavor to cooperate with the management and the works council; vocational training of employees;
  3. Monitoring cost trends and work performance; Ensuring the controls of incoming and outgoing products with regard to their quantity and quality; Influencing the flow of materials and production to ensure trouble-free and timely work; Working towards a smooth cooperation in the operational process; Cooperation with other operating units;
  4. Implementation of the necessary occupational safety and accident prevention measures in coordination with the departments and persons involved in occupational safety in the company.

They are qualified and authorized to perform in-company training and further education tasks (trainer competence).

Professional qualification

Certified industrial foremen - specializing in foodstuffs have knowledge, skills and experience that they have usually acquired through relevant vocational training and several years of professional experience. To carry out the tasks described above, they have the following qualifications:

Cross-disciplinary qualifications

  • Basics for cost-conscious action
  • Basics for legally conscious action
  • Basics for cooperation in the company

Subject-specific qualifications

  • Mathematical and scientific basics
  • Technical communication
  • Nutrients and raw materials
  • Industrial engineering
  • Manufacturing technology, e.g. B.
    • Production processes and possibilities of physical, chemical or biological influence on the production processes
    • Methods of preservation
    • Packaging techniques
    • Hygiene, quality assurance and control
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection

Professional and work pedagogical qualifications

  • Check training requirements and plan training,
  • Prepare apprenticeship and participate in the recruitment of apprentices,
  • Perform training and
  • Finish education.

Proof of qualification

The “professional qualifications” described above have been obtained by the certified industrial foreman - specializing in foodstuffs, based on the federal ordinance of 24 August 1976 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2525), last amended on March 26, 2014 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 282, Art ), proven in a public law examination. A certificate has been issued that the exam has been passed.


Admission to the industrial foreman examination - specializing in food is anyone who has successfully passed a final examination in a recognized training occupation that can be assigned to the specialty food, and then at least one year of relevant professional experience or a successfully passed final examination in a professional field of nutrition and housekeeping Apprenticeship and then at least two years of relevant professional experience or at least five years of relevant professional experience demonstrates a comparable qualification.

To prepare for the exam, training courses are also offered, the duration of which is based on the different functional and management tasks.

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