What cars are illegal in the US

Destroyed Nissan Skyline R33 in the USA

In the US state of Ohio, authorities have had a Nissan Skyline R33 scrapped, although the owner claims to have bought it in Florida, registered it properly and insured it according to the regulations. The reason for this is that cars like the Skyline, which were not officially offered in the USA, can only be legally imported into the country after 25 years. Then they are considered classics - before that they are not used cars that comply with American safety regulations. The only exceptions are vehicles that come into the country for exhibition purposes only. Apparently there is no possibility of decommissioning or re-export. A Mini and several Land Rover Defenders had to experience that.

Overwhelming: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Luck in misery for the owner

The predecessor Skyline R32 (1989-1993) may already be imported into the USA, depending on the year of manufacture.

As painful as watching the short video and as little understanding of the law as one has to have - the owner of the Skyline was probably even lucky in the accident. There are no further consequences for him because no attempted fraud is assumed. In other cases, the illegal import of cars into the USA has already been punished with heavy fines or even imprisonment.
Godzilla family: four GT-Rs
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