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"The Secret" or the secret of a bad movie

Status: 08/07/2020 3:05 p.m.
by Danny Marques Marcalo

"The Secret" is a very popular self-help book. It has been sold 34 million times. In it, writer Rhonda Byrne claims that you can get anything you want if you want it hard enough. A feature film is now based on this concept. "The Secret - Dare to dream" is the name of the film. Danny Marques Marcalo from NDR 90.3 watched the film and - despite intense requests - can't find anything good about it.

If you only think about something very intensely, if you tell the universe exactly what you want, then it comes to you. That is the secret. This is also what a little boy is told in the film.

"Ok, so I'm thinking intensely about pizza now."
"I think you are kidding me." [Someone's Knocking.]
"Ok, I've got a medium pepperoni and cheese here for Miranda Wells." Film clip

Miranda is the mother of three children. Everything goes wrong. A tree falls into the roof. She's broke, the car is scruffy and she also drives Bray in the back. Bray sees it all very easily. Bray believes anything is possible.

"Nature can be really powerful. You too."
"Who me? Never."
"Yes, definitely. But you always have to be very careful. Because you get what you expect." Film clip

Everyone is to blame for happiness or unhappiness

Bad things only happen to people because of their focus on the negative. That's a message from "The Secret" - both the book and the movie. But it's really hard to endure this movie. On the one hand, this is due to the unfamiliar idea behind it: Whoever imagines racing a bright red Ferrari down the Jungfernstieg, will soon have such a Ferrari? Anyone who is sick has not wished enough to be healthy? Hardly bearable nonsense called the Law of Attraction.

The movie is bad. It gives the impression that people caused all the problems for themselves. There are no coincidences. Come with me and follow the idea of ​​the "secret", then you come to the land of the blessed? It's like a cult manual. The story of the overwhelmed single mother is teeming with clichés. If you hide the self-help sermons, then it is, above all, insanely boring to watch.

"Oh my God."
"Everything that happens to you can somehow turn out to be good."
"A roof like this must cost 10,000, why do you want to help me?"
"Because I'm able to do it." Film clip

"The Secret": Gurus with irresponsible messages

"The Secret" triggered a hype in the genre of self-help literature in the 2000s. Worldwide self-help gurus ramble in the slipstream of the "secret" about how to lead a better life. Many of them get rich with it, but this only helps these charlatans. Many of them are semi-silky characters, like Bray in the film. One of the most famous real-life "Secret" speakers ended up in jail in the US for triple negligent homicide. And yet the hype about the "secret" is unbroken worldwide.

As a viewer you don't understand the world at the end of "The Secret - Dare to dream" either. Why the filmmakers delivered such a bad piece of cinema despite intense requests will probably remain their secret.

The Secret - Dare to dream

Production country:
United States
Additional info:
with Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, Jerry O'Connell
Andy Tennant
103 min.
from 12 years
Theatrical release:
August 6, 2020

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