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German legal dictionary (DRW): Quartiergeld

Lodging allowance

, n.
I.Payment of money so that accommodation or an official apartment can be rented for soldiers, service personnel or (high) civil servants, including the rent owed by a student
  • at the request of the ... neighborhood people ... the constabell C.S. it was ordered that he should live at the same time as his Vorwesern during the vesting period, but in the rest of this he would not be given any more accommodation fees by the community after this
    1665 HelgolGerProt. 189
  • has ... intended aristocratic bodyguardia the following salary ... before the annual house rent or lodging fee ... 45 fl. brab.
    1666 Strobl, Obersthofm. 145
  • that they from Vienna ... the quarter money ... pay a corporal of the year 10 florins ...
    1672 CAustr. II 194
    Facsimile - digitized by Heidelberg University Library
  • the reuters or dragons who are on leave do not have to demand the slightest amount of lodging money while they are away
    1725 Hess Collection. III 969
  • the office clerk ... is ordered to accept from whom ... recrouts 8. man and either have the same with freyen quartier in kind or the ordonance-moderate accommodation and service money from the office there
    1726 Faber, State Chancellery 51 p. 547
    Facsimile - digitized by the Munich Digitization Center (MDZ)
  • Pay for the feed and the lodging money at the deposit, then forward and search for the falcons
    1730/47 Machwart, JagdAnsbach 57
  • If the soldier goes away or is otherwise absent, no one is owed to give him room money in the meantime
    1771 Zincke, KriegsRGel. 24
  • the staab and senior officiers receive the stipulated lodging monies, either immediately from the royal coffers, or through the servis-office
    1773 NCCPruss. V 3, 2 col. 561
    Facsimile - digitized by the Berlin State Library
  • we decree that ... the lodging allowance for six months ... is to be collected by a judge
    1786 HeidelbUnivStat. 332
    Facsimile - digitized by Heidelberg University Library
  • the other advantages shared with the Reichshofraͤthen consist [for the president] in the lodging allowance, in the freedom from tolls and customs
    1792 Herchenhahn, Reichshofrat II 21
    Facsimile - digitized by the Heidelberg University Library
  • In small towns and villages, where, in the absence of barracks, the troops ... had to be quartered with the residents, they received nothing from their hosts except the apartment for which the lodging funds were approved
    1810 ZSchles. 2 (1858) 124
  • remuneration of a temporary ... office director ... 6000 fl. rheinl. currency, freyes quartier with heating, or an adequate lodging allowance
    1816 ProtBundesversamml. I 237
  • I find myself motivated to appoint you as state and conference minister ... leaving your previous salary as it is, along with the systematic lodging allowance
    1830 Kretschmayr-Walter V 379
IICash payment to replace the accommodation obligation
  • that every such gn. rules thail: or guͤlttbahres gueth, hoͤff: or muͤhlin ... with the quarttiers-gelltern proportionabiliter ... should ... be viewed
    1644 Reyscher, Ges. XVII 1 p. 177
    Facsimile - digitized by the Munich Digitization Center (MDZ)
  • loyalty or lodging allowance
    1656 ProtBrandenbGehR. V 582
  • In the case of the real quarters, the quartier money is given and one could not compare in terms of goodness because of its determination, then something should be set up in such a way that when the officirers receive a monthly salary of money, they should be owed, to rent the quarters for them yourself
    1672 CCMarch. III 1 column 104
    Facsimile - digitized by the Berlin State Library
  • the other houses, however, [should] all either suffer from real billing or, in the case of such, are not able to pay a proportionate lodging fee ... for it
    1697 Lünig, CJMilit. 811
    Facsimile - digitized by the Munich Digitization Center (MDZ)
  • if the officiers ... do not enjoy their quarters, which are charged to them in kind, and the quarters prefer to pay money for it ... then the same quarters have to be paid ...
    1713 CCMarch. III 1 col. 320
    Facsimile - digitized by the Berlin State Library
  • that ... from the monies which, at the time of billing, the un billeted persons, according to the proportion of their food and assets, have to pay monthly to servis, to which officers and soldiers ... are to be paid the bill ...
    1718 HammStR. 57
  • if damage occurs during a voͤlcker march, the community owes such restitution. the same can be said of extorted district funds
    1721 KlugeBeamte IV 68
  • what big and arduous costs ... the hochfuͤrstl. kriegs-cassa has to contend with, for which the monthly service and lodging funds that are involved are also part of and used
    1745 Schneidt, Thes. II 2296
  • quibus exactionibus ... jungitur menstrua hospitationis præstatio xvi. solidorum ... a quolibet aratro solvenda vulgo lodging allowance
    1745 Schleswig-Holstein / Westphalia, Mon. IV Preface 90
  • that the lodging allowance for the senior officers and the staff ... will be abolished
    1789 ElsMschr. 3 (1912) 179