What is your current marketing focus

Marketing focus

Get your marketing going with our expertise

Marketing is a key bottleneck factor in industries that are characterized by competition and interchangeable products, but at the same time it is also a success factor. Mirko Düssel & Co. supports you systematically and focused on your marketing goals. More than 25 years of experience in marketing are at your disposal to give your marketing the necessary effect - creatively and target-oriented.

You know your products and services, your customers, your suppliers, your employees and your processes. Nevertheless, you sometimes have the feeling that you are standing there. What's next? What are the next steps for the further development of your company? What can be better structured? Which challenges exist and have to be mastered? Which current projects or changes are pending?

As an external initiator and sparring partner, Mirko Düssel & Co. supports you in developing consistent and effective marketing activities and implementing them in a targeted manner.

Give your marketing the right focus

You have decided to give your marketing more impact. Hiring additional marketing staff is not an option. What do you have left? As managing director, marketing manager or sales manager, you take on this additional task yourself.

And this is exactly where the difficulty lies!

It's an extra job! In addition to your original activities and the requirements of day-to-day business. You are therefore always in the position to deduct time budgets from your other tasks for the development of marketing activities and to more or less neglect these other tasks.

The implementation of the planned activities also costs time again, since the commissioned agencies (or consultants) need time after your briefing to think about your company, your products, your market conditions and also your task. You are the contact person for any queries that may arise.

After the results have been presented, the correction phase begins; here, too, you are the contact person again. It often takes many weeks from the briefing to the completion (of the advertising material or concept). And this process repeats itself for every agency and consultant you work with.

On top of that. With the completion of the marketing task, regardless of whether it is a concept or advertising material, every agency (or every consultant) has done its job for you. From the point of view of the agencies and consultants, the task is over! It remains your task to monitor the implementation, to evaluate the success of the marketing campaign or to adapt the campaign to changing market situations.

Too little time for end-to-end marketing activities

There is often a lack of time or employees for demanding, new or additional marketing and sales tasks in day-to-day business.

We support you with the upcoming marketing and sales tasks. Some examples:

  • Developing and implementing a product-market strategy
  • Detecting new business areas up to new product development
  • Opening up new markets, penetrating existing markets more strongly
  • Review and realign the sales strategy for existing and new markets
  • Recognizing and using existing growth potential
  • Introduction or relaunch of a product or service
  • Review and realign the product portfolio (product range)
  • Planning and implementing a marketing or sales campaign
  • Design a cross-mix advertising campaign and accompany the implementation
  • Align advertising and public relations to effectiveness
  • Drafting and implementation of a profit-oriented pricing concept
  • Marketing and sales audit with subsequent optimization to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop and implement new customer acquisition concept (cold calling)
  • Carry out customer loyalty programs with cross-, up-selling and customer recovery programs

In addition to day-to-day business, the limited time often gives you little space to analyze and optimize market, sales and company processes with the necessary distance. For us it's day-to-day business.

We ensure the right focus of marketing and sales. And not just in terms of strategy and concept, but above all in terms of the consistent implementation.

Marketing and sales from a single source

Unlike advertising agencies, which focus on individual instruments such as advertisements, brochures, sales promotions or online marketing, unlike specialized sales consultancies that focus on sales and / and on customer loyalty, our approach fits in with our approach holistic understanding of marketing where the marketing and sales system is always viewed and influenced as a whole. This approach delivers far better results than perfectly optimizing individual areas in detail.

In close cooperation with you, we ensure that you keep the focus on the right things and reliably implement the strategy you have chosen.

This is how the collaboration works

The consistent work according to the process coaching approach ensures a systematic and methodical approach - always focused on the defined project goals.

  • A permanent contact for marketing and sales who knows your customers, your company, your environment and your competitors,
  • Manageable costs and clear timelines through external controlling of your marketing activities,
  • successful and comprehensible support in the implementation of targeted campaigns,
  • Regular correction and adjustment of the actions to the progress of the project and changing market conditions,
  • a contact person as coordinator between you and the various service providers.