Is Dota 2 like chess

Auto Chess: Dota 2 mod with eSport potential

A new star is rising in the eSport sky. In January, Dota Auto Chess, a modification of Dota 2 that can be downloaded from within the game, went online. In just over three months, the mod has had 6.4 million downloads and regularly has over 300,000 simultaneous players - a phenomenal figure. For comparison: CS: GO reaches the top value only about twice as many people.

Now the developer is preparing to become independent from Dota 2 developer Valve and to bring out his own game: Auto Chess for mobile devices. "Drodo Studio" has its eye above all on the Chinese market, where games like PUBG or FIFA have long been played primarily on smartphones. Drodo has just five developers, all of them based in China. The development would have taken two years, developer 'Toto' revealed in an interview with Red Bull, and was primarily intended for Dota 2 veterans who no longer want to click as much and make less complex decisions.

What is Auto Chess?

There is a lot of joke on the internet about Auto Chess, the artifact that Valve couldn't develop. The card game from the Dota 2 developer fell deeply and shortly after the launch disappeared into insignificance.

The complete opposite is Auto Chess. Within Dotas it is possible to develop and publish your own games. Developers can use heroes, graphics, mechanics, interfaces and the Dota 2 engine and change them according to their wishes. This is exactly how the original DotA came about at the time. A handful of developers had developed a modification of Warcraft III and published it within the game. Auto Chess is now taking a similar path.

Chess only a distant basis

Chess should actually have served as the basis, today the game has only a little to do with it. Each participant places Dota 2 heroes, similar to chess pieces, on a board and tries to achieve particularly effective combinations. There are eight players per match and they duel at random in each round with their set-up figures. After every fight there is gold that can be invested in the acquisition of new heroes or used for leveling up. Three of the same characters merge to form a more powerful version of that and the player can put one more hero on the board per level.

At the beginning of each round, players are proposed new heroes that can be purchased for gold. kicker eSport

Much also revolves around the clever combination of the units. Each has at least two classes; Orcs and warriors, for example. If the player has two orcs on the field, all orcs receive more life points; if there are three warriors, all warriors receive an armor bonus. In addition, the player must pay attention to his economy and manage his gold wisely, because there is interest on the hoarded money every round. The bigger your gold treasure, the more options the player has. If a round is lost, the remaining enemy heroes attack their own life points. If they drop to zero, the player's round is over. If you make it into the top 3, one round takes about 35-45 minutes. The winners will be rewarded with "candy", ie sweets with which new skins can be purchased.

The game principle impresses with its simplicity and yet offers immense tactical depth, as countless combinations and strategies are possible.

First eSport tournaments

The game was already played in the "Twitch Rivals" tournament series, with prize money of 25,000 US dollars and a decent broadcast on the streaming platform. For its upcoming mobile version, the Drodo Studio has now looked for strong Chinese partners: Together with ImbaTV and Dragonest, the developer wants to launch a tournament system that will be endowed with at least 1.5 million US dollars in prize money. Anyone can take part. The eSport tournaments are expected to be held and awarded with both Dota Auto Chess on the PC and the newly developed Auto Chess on the smartphone. Basically, Valve allows any developer to create their own games using Dota 2. For monetization, however, a partnership must be agreed. Previously, players who wanted to purchase Candy for real money were redirected to the developers' Ebay page.

Two teams of different Dota 2 heroes duel each round. The team that is still standing at the end wins the round. kicker eSport

Is Auto Chess more than just hype?

Auto Chess is still just a three-month hype. However, one that delivers extremely impressive figures. The comparison to the first DotA is not difficult, both Dota 2 and League of Legends emerged from the mod - the entire MOBA genre is based on the idea of ​​a few developers.

Auto Chess is challenging and entertaining. The player has several experiences of achievement in every match, regardless of whether he ultimately wins or not. This can be the last building block for your own tactics, or the finally completed, more powerful version of a figure. In addition, there is always something new to discover and try out for a very long time.

There is little to prevent a new genre from emerging from the hype. There are already various apps in the Play Store that more or less obviously copy the gameplay. In China, according to media reports, the big companies, above all Tencent, which owns League of Legends, are trying to get patents around Auto Chess. So there is a real probability that there will be a LoL Auto Chess soon.

Dota 2 can be downloaded for free from Steam. Auto Chess is located within the game under the item "Arcade".