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Ultrasonic humidifier test 2021 • The 6 best ultrasonic humidifiers in comparison

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Ultrasonic humidifier leaderboard 2021

Ultrasonic humidifier leaderboard 2021

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What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

A UltrasonicHumidifier is a device like the name beautiful says the air humidifies. How exactly that is workingwe explain below. In each case it is clear that the small devices im comparison to other humidifiers, have a lot of power. Even an entry-level model is capable of a large room to provide moisture. The fine mist that by the opening penetrates, reaches even the smallest corner of the room.

This is very pleasant, especially in the cold season. Because a test has shown that heating the air dries up. That in turn has negative consequences for them Respiratory tract. They too dry out - and bacteria and germs have an easy time of it. Have that scientist clearly proven with one or the other test. The reason: the pathogens can particularly settle on the dry mucous membranes light fix. Is now additionally humidity added, this has a positive effect. That has a more scientific Test clearly proven.

But one Ultrasonic Humidifiers can do more, as we did with the evaluation seen the tests. The devices are designed so that you can use an essential oil to add - and be able to effectively scent a room. Besides, the sprayed Fog so cool that your apartment is pleasant in summer chilled becomes.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?

The test did shownthat an ultrasonic humidifier is quite a thing fine Creates water mist. But how do you do that? Well, it's very simple: with sound. To get the mechanism to clarify that with ultrasound humidifier works, you can have a glass water place on a loudspeaker. Now set the volume to a very high level. You will see that the liquid in the glass starts to boil. Naturally it is not about ultrasound. Because of that the effect falls compared to ultrasound humidifier very low, but the principle is the same. In the water glass experiment it also became clear that the vibration increases with the pitch. When the ultrasonic humidifier from the test is a very higher frequency Produces sound that you cannot treble. He is like that high, that he made the water in very strong Vibrations offset.

So strong that it creates the fine water mist that the experts saw in the test. The higher the tone, the finer the water pearls become. in the test has been shown to be most Manufacturer work with a frequency of 1.8 megahertz. The meansthat 1.8 million vibrations are generated per second. That's quite a lot. In comparison, however, there are also products with two Mega heart work. That leaves the side in the ultrasound humidifier become even finer. By the way, more is technical barely possible.

It's easy possible, the water in the ultrasonic humidifier Fragrances to add. According to the test, this has no negative effects. The water is in Ultrasonic Humidifier then still into a fine one fog transformed. By the way, the colder the water, the cooler the fog will be.

In the test it was observed that an ultrasonic air humidifier may even be able to control the room to cool off. In comparison you can see clearly: ever more powerful the ultrasonic humidifier is the more the more it falls cooling Effect off.

Advantages & areas of application

The first advantage from the ultrasonic humidifier lies clearly on the hand: He humidifies the air. Important is that especially in winter. Run in the cold season known the heaters. They withdraw from the air humidity. A test showed that around 30 to 40 percent less moisture in the air are located. The result: the airways dry out. Pathogens can colonize the dry mucous membranes particularly easily. The test proves: An ultrasonic humidifier can do this phenomenon counteract. Because he gives the air that humidity back. So can a loose one comparison to be drawn to the summer months.

Also is a Ultrasonic Humidifiers are able to diffuse fragrance into the air. The comparison shows: No other device can do it as effectively as an ultrasonic humidifier. Indeed a natural essential oil should urgently be used. This is a bit more expensive in comparison. But the atomized liquid hits the lungs directly. A test has shown that cheap scented oils damage the sensitive organ could. Naturally pure oils, on the other hand, do no harm in any way. Some of them even have health benefits.

in the comparison we found that an ultrasound humidifier is also able to cool the air. In this respect, its use is also useful in summer. An interesting result from the test: the more fog the ultrasound humidifier produced, the cooler it will be Air.

With the best ultrasonic humidifier, you will get the best results in this category too. This effect is particularly pleasant in the Bedroom. In the test, the temperature could be reduced by up to three degrees in small rooms. That does that Ultrasonic Humidifier not yet for air conditioning. He needs but the comparison with a high quality one fan don't be shy.

What types of ultrasonic humidifiers are there?

In the analysis we have detected: Ultrasonic humidifiers differ in Essential in terms of capacity. She has, there he speaks test a clear language, nothing with that Performance to do. A simple rule applies much more: the more water in the ultrasonic humidifier fits inthe longer it runs. In comparison, we saw that 100 Milliliters Sufficient water for about two hours. But that depends on youe performance at. The test also found devices that very are empty much faster.

Otherwise to have You still have the choice of whether to have an ultrasound humidifier with or without LED lighting. According to the test, this has no effect on them Power. It's just a matter of taste. The comparison but shows that most equipment illuminated become can.

A big disadvantage the comparison also revealed: An ultrasonic air humidifier can bacteria distribute in the room. Why? Well, it's very simple: when there are bacteria in the tank collectThe ultrasonic humidifier distributes them. The device so has to be cleaned regularly. This one disadvantage unfortunately have all devices in comparison. Also the best Ultrasonic humidifiers spread germs if not cleaned properly. The test made that very clear proven. But, the comparison also showed that: high quality equipment can be easier clean.

In this respect, the risk of sprouting germs is a little lower. In the comparison, however, we have not yet found a device that cleans itself by itself. But maybe we think so beautiful in the comparison table 2020.

This is how ultrasonic humidifiers are tested

In the test, a Ultrasonic Humidifier put through its paces. Only if he is in all Categories can convince, an ultrasonic humidifier gets one of the top places in the world comparison. In our study, we found that five categories are particularly important. These want we now introduce to you. The best ultrasoundhumidifier could by the way in all Categories convince with the best test grades.


In the test is the handling always first. After all, you want to start enjoying your life right away Ultrasonic Have humidifiers and don't spend a long time studying instructions have to. At this point in comparison, however, it is also important how easy an ultrasonic humidifier is clean leaves. That is why it is subjected to a detailed practical test subjected. Only if the device can convince on this point does it go big Ultrasonic Humidifier comparison.

Fog evolution

The fog is that Centerpiece with an ultrasonic humidifier. To that extent it is of course examined very closely during a test. By the way, in this case it also means a lot really much. The devices in the front seats in the comparison are characterized by a particularly thick fog highest Power level off. So you are able to keep a 20 square meter room with sufficient moisture supply. Of course, you can at the best of equipment at large comparison also regulate the performance downwards.

Modes of operation

Fog is not equal Fog. That's why they come in the test Modes of operation put to the test. If a device can only atomize water at one level, it receives none the top places in comparison. There should be at least two Modes of operation be present: continuous Fogging and interval operation.

This ensures that you can always humidify a room according to your preferences. In the interval mode, the ultrasonichumidifier only at certain intervals Water mist from. It is especially at night advantageous as the test showed.

Noise development

Lots People want to use their ultrasonic humidifier at night. After all, they care equipment for a pleasant room climate that is also great for a good night's sleep conducive is. That is why the noise development plays an important role in the test. With an ultrasound humidifier there are two main sources of noise. once the “engine” that makes the sound.

He should work as quietly as possible. But of course it is too always a slight bubbling can be heard. That is not technically possible turn off. The best ultrasound humidifier but has a soundproof tank.

The quieter a device works, the further ahead it is in the comparison again. Incidentally, the best device can hardly be heard.


At this point one applies simple Rule: the bigger the tank, the longer it will run Ultrasonic Humidifier. That is why this point also plays an important role in the test. 100 Milliliters are enough for about two hours of continuous operation. But the more power the ultrasonic humidifier has, the faster it is empty. So it goes without saying that the best device also a particularly large one tank has - only in this way was it possible to im comparison to land far ahead.

remote control

In the inspection the remote control is also considered in the test. She gives you that possibilitysettings on the ultrasonic humidifier from the sofa or bed to undertake. Only when the remote control when facing convinced, receives the device one the top places in comparison.

What do I have to look out for when buying an ultrasonic humidifier?

If you have a Ultrasonic You should buy humidifiers yourself first ask what you need it for. If you want it to be loud in your bedroom all night, the tank should hold at least 500 milliliters. Just like that guaranteedthat your ultrasonic humidifier does the whole After over it ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

In case you plan to do the ultrasound humidifier to use at night is it importantthat it works particularly quietly. Bubbling in particular can seriously disrupt sleep. The best device has a tank that is over sound insulating walls disposes.
Naturally have to You pay attention to the ultrasound humidifier is also suitable for your room size. For example, if the room is only small, can You may save a few euros. Because here is enough device with a comparatively low performance.

also should Make sure that the ultrasonic humidifier is easy to clean. Preferably to grab You to a device where you remove the tank and put it in the dishwasher clean can. This is the only way to ensure that your device does not contain any Germ spinner becomes.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers

On the market frolic thousands of manufacturers that use ultrasound humidifier have in the program. Seven are always good in the test Services noticed.

  • Wick
  • Beurer
  • Medisana
  • Dyson
  • InnooTech
  • TaoTronics
Yes you've read correctly. Wick makes ultrasonic humidifiers. And they don't do badly in the test. The device works with special fragrance pads. They contain the fragrances of the well-known cold balm Wick VapoRub - and are therefore particularly beneficial for colds. However, the test has shown that you can also use other oils in this device. Incidentally, the Wick device is one of the few ultrasonic humidifiers that does not have any LED lighting.
You probably know Beurer as a manufacturer of medical products. The German company now also has ultrasonic humidifiers in its range. After all, good sleep is important for health. You can use essential oils in every Beurer ultrasonic humidifier. In comparison, most models impress with their simplicity and good quality. The price is also generally impressive. Another advantage that was shown in the test: Beurer customer service helps with all questions.
Like Beurer, Medisana specializes in the production of medical products. Like its competitor, Medisana now has several ultrasonic humidifiers in its range. In comparison, they too are characterized by their simplicity and good quality. The comparison has shown that you can safely use essential oils in each of the devices.
Dyson now also has an ultrasonic humidifier in its range. Like all products from the American company, this one is characterized by a particularly high level of performance. But Dyson can also pay for it. The humidifier is by far the most expensive in the test. In return, customers receive a device that is able to noticeably cool even large rooms. What is an advantage in summer can also become a disadvantage in winter. After all, it is at this time that the room is heated for expensive money. Lovers of room fragrances will also be disappointed that this ultrasonic humidifier does not know how to atomize oils. The nozzles are too close-meshed for this.
InnooTech is a consumer goods company from China that has many different ultrasonic humidifiers in its range. All of them are characterized by good quality and a wide range of functions in the test. Each model has LED lighting and can be controlled by remote control. Some models were also able to convince in the test with their extremely low noise development. A big plus: In comparison, the prices are very low. However, customer service is difficult to reach if you have any questions. But the operation is almost self-explanatory anyway.
TaoTronics is also a consumer goods manufacturer from the Far East. The products, including the ultrasonic humidifiers, are sold exclusively over the Internet. But because there are neither high costs for marketing nor for logistics, the products convince in comparison with their low price. The design of the ultrasonic humidifier looks elegant throughout. LEDs, which can light up in different colors, create a special lighting atmosphere in the room. All devices can be conveniently controlled from the sofa or bed with a remote control.TaoTronics also cannot score in terms of customer service.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my ultrasonic humidifier?

If you are the best Ultrasonic Have found humidifiers that are congruent with yours To wish you can try to buy it from specialist retailers. It's going to be difficult. Because still the ultrasonic humidifier is still a niche product.

So it's best you to buy Your device on the Internet. Here you can look forward to cheap Prices and a wide selection. Above all, you always have the results from the comparison So you are sure to find the best device for your needs, which performed well in the test. Your ultrasonic humidifier is delivered all conveniently by post. If you are not satisfied, you can get one in most shops refund policy use.

Customers often describe these advantages and disadvantages

In the analysis is us noticedthat customers keep doing the same things about your company Ultrasonic Complain about humidifiers. We want these ten points them now explain.

  • Noise development is too high. The motors work very loudly, especially in very cheap devices. The test has shown this again and again.
  • The handling is too complicated, which is another problem that we know from the comparison. Once again, the particularly cheap ultrasonic humidifiers are affected. But there are also laudable exceptions.
  • The device leaves traces of water. Tested, this problem is due to incorrect use. However, this can be very complicated with an inferior ultrasonic air humidifier.
  • The performance is too weak, again one of these shortcomings, which mainly affects the very cheap ultrasonic humidifiers. They are usually only suitable for small rooms.
  • Bubbling is annoying. Bubbling cannot be avoided in an ultrasonic humidifier. After all, water is moving in the tank. However, the test has shown that good devices are shielded against these noises.
  • The power cord is too short. If you buy a cheap device, you often have problems with a very short cord. An extension cable can help.
  • The water mist is too strong. Inexpensive devices are difficult to regulate, as we have clearly seen in comparison. In this case, the water mist can be too strong compared to the size of the room.
  • The room is not sufficiently filled with fragrance, this point is mostly due to an operator error. Usually there is simply not enough oil in the tank. But it can also be that the power is insufficient to fill the room with fragrance.
  • The water tank is too small. This is a problem especially for people who want to use the device in the bedroom. Because the small tanks of the inexpensive ultrasonic humidifiers are only sufficient for a few hours.
  • The cooling effect is too weak; this problem is again related to performance. Because if the ultrasonic humidifier has too little power, it cannot cool very much.

But there are also points that are repeatedly praised by customers in the shops. These ten stand out again and again in comparison:

  • A pleasant fresh breeze in summer: an ultrasonic humidifier creates water mist. It has a pleasant cooling effect in summer.
  • The room smells good. According to the test, essential oils can also be used in the ultrasonic humidifier. This ensures a pleasant scent in the room.
  • The device runs pleasantly quiet. The readers of our test in particular are pleased that they can barely hear their device during operation.
  • The device can be used with many oils. The comparison has shown: An ultrasonic humidifier can be used with any essential oil. That makes you independent.
  • The LEDs provide beautiful indirect lighting. Almost every device in comparison has colored LEDs. They provide indirect lighting for the room.
  • The ultrasonic humidifier is easy to clean. This is what customers say, in particular, who have bought a device from which the tank can be removed. The handling is very easy here, as the comparison has shown.
  • Especially in winter an enrichment. The indoor air is uncomfortably dry, especially in winter. An ultrasonic humidifier can help.
  • The risk of a cold decreases. If mucous membranes suffer from dry air, pathogens can easily settle. The small device provides a remedy.
  • The quality of sleep has increased. When the air is pleasantly humid, it is easier to sleep. Last but not least, our comparison has proven this.
  • The mist has a relaxing effect. Some customers seem to enjoy watching the mist that comes out of the device. Especially when it is illuminated by LEDs, it is a relaxing sight.

The history of the ultrasonic humidifier

The mankind has long felt the need to humidify the air. In principle this came wish when apartments were artificially heated for the first time. That was so about in the 19th century. First of all, of course, the nobles were affected. The simple Citizens could get this luxury not yet afford it. The means for humidifying the air were Very simple: A pot of water was simply placed in the room. This water evaporated and slightly humidified the air in the room. There was back then probably already attempts with special Devices. But they followed the same principle.

They were by the way the drug of choice until the 1980s. Popular were vessels that one attached to the heater could hang. However, they were open at the top. The result: dust and bacteria could easily settle here. Cleaning was also very complex. Because the inside of the vessels was mostly made of ceramic. By doing porous It was particularly easy for bacteria to attach to the material. So there was a risk of that Cold viruses only distributed through the humidifier in the room. A test has also proven that. Consequently these hanging vessels got in a bit Notoriety. The devices have never disappeared like this all from the market. Even today they are still in retail trade and can be found in online shops.

Nevertheless were in the 1980s, electrical devices were already developed that supported the Room climate could influence positively. So-called evaporators or were initially common Atomizer. There was heat in the evaporator. So the room was filled with water vapor. That was in comparison a bit more hygienic.

Additionally dared scientist at the time took the test Atomizing. They are very similar to the ultrasonic humidifier. Because here the water is atomized so finely by means of oscillation that it is used to moisten the Indoor air serves. The disadvantage on this technique: The test showed that this equipment never work completely silently. That was mostly in the Disturbing night.

Numbers, data, facts about the ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier found their way into Germans in the 2010s living room. Their similarity to nebulizers cannot be denied. Still you show im test completely different properties. Because the fog is a lot in comparison finer. These microcrystals can disperse much better in the air. But where does ... come from actually this technology? From medicine. Ultrasound was originally used to finely atomize lung medication. The big advantage: It is possible to operate it very hygienically. Ultrasonic humidifiers are used regularly thoroughly cleaned, distribute them in the comparison to the atomizers less bacteria in the air.

But the technology Not only found its way into the well-known devices for household use. On the market you can also find indoor fountains that use ultrasonic technology. in the comparison they work very quietly compared to conventional models. But still create it is also these fountains to refresh the indoor climate a little. A test shows that the wells also release a little moisture into the air. However, they keep in this Property to compare with that modern Ultrasonic humidifier did not stand. You're more like one complement and not for the bedroom suitable. Because here the bubbling can be heard in any case.

But also in professional Ultrasonic humidifiers are used in the following areas: In salt caves. The know Maybe you from the adventure pool. According to the test, the salt has a cleansing effect on them respiratory tract. These ultrasonic humidifiers have compared to the devices for the Domestic use much more power.

With about three mega hearts the liquid fogged. So the salt can accumulate very strongly in the air. Here will by the way usually not just nebulized water. Here comes a special solution one very high salt content is used. It's so high that the air is actually not moistened at all. Because the salt instantly removes moisture from air. This But the effect is desired.

Put the ultrasonic humidifier into operation in 5 steps.

Are you finally holding your ultrasonic humidifier in your hand? Then you can get started soon. But before you turn on the device for the first time, there are a few things you need to do.

  • Step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
First and foremost, of course, is unpacking. You have probably already figured that out yourself. But you should also make sure that all parts are included. After all, this is the only way to ensure perfect operation. But don't worry: in the evaluation for the comparison, we saw that this is actually always the case. In the test, there was hardly a device with delivery problems.
Now you should first clean both the measuring cup and the tank of the device. You can do this either with normal washing-up liquid or with a special hygienic cleaner. The latter is significantly more effective in comparison. Remember that the devices go through many hands in production. It can happen that they are contaminated with germs.
Now insert the tank into the device according to the instructions - and fill it with water. Use a measuring cup for this. This is usually included, as the comparison has clearly shown. Only fill the tank to the maximum specified by the manufacturer. If you add more water, it is possible that the device will get wet.
Now you can add all-natural essential oil. You shouldn't use artificial fragrance oil. This has components that could damage the lungs. This is not the case with all-natural oils. A few drops are enough. Just put it to the test. If the room does not smell intensely enough in the practical test, you can add more oil.
Now all you have to do is screw the device on. Check that the lid is tight enough. If that is the case, you can switch on your ultrasonic humidifier - and enjoy the new room climate.

10 tips for care

So that you can enjoy your ultrasonic humidifier for as long as possible, you should heed our 10 tips for caring for the device.

Tip 1

Tip 1

Clean regularly

We have addressed this point several times. The test showed that an ultrasonic humidifier can be used to sprout germs. So it means: clean regularly.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Descale regularly

You certainly don't want your ultrasonic humidifier to blow scale through the air. So you should descale the tank regularly. Special cleaners are available on the market for this purpose.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Never leave the water in the device

If the water is in the device, germs can easily form here. If in doubt, empty the device after use.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Use regularly

To ensure that the ultrasonic humidifier always works properly, it should be used regularly. In this way, all components are flushed through and germs cannot deposit anywhere.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Use only natural oils

When you use artificial fragrances, harmful substances can settle in the lungs. If you're using all-natural essential oils, that's not the case.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Never put too much water into the device

In every ultrasonic humidifier you will find a line that shows the maximum fill level. If you step over it, water can leak out on the sides.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Never let children play with the ultrasonic humidifier unsupervised

An ultrasonic humidifier is a technical device that contains water. Never let your children play with it unsupervised.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Do not use contaminated water

While it is rare, bacteria can sometimes be found in drinking water. In such a case, the authorities issue a warning. You should then no longer use the water in an ultrasonic humidifier.

Tip 9

Tip 9

Use suitable cleaning agents

Always use suitable cleaning agents for cleaning and descaling. You can buy these on the Internet.

Tip 10

Tip 10

Dry well after use

You should dry the ultrasonic humidifier well after use. Germs could appear in the water residue.

Useful accessories

We are ourselves for surethat you can with your ultrasound humidifier will have a lot of fun. To its full power to enjoy, you should consider purchasing suitable Think about accessories.

At first Oils are to be mentioned here. On the market you can find scented oils that do seductive Bear name. As a rule, however, they contain chemical additives. The fine one fog ensures that the oils breathe in, as the test has clearly proven. Are now artificial ingredients contain, these also get into the lungs. There can They do great harm. Because of that You should always use all-natural essential oils to use. Only natural ingredients are included here. These do no harm to the lungs. in the opposite, some substances even have a positive one effect for the health.

In trade Find also scented pads. These are very convenient to use. In the end if such a pad contains exactly the right amount of essential oil - it is in the comparison but also relatively expensive. For occasional use are the Pads but definitely to be recommended. In front everythingbecause they are so easy in the handling are.

For the summer it is advisable to add salt to the ultrasonic humidifier from time to time. Then a drier Fog that has a cooling effect. The salt also has one purifying Effect on the respiratory tract. In order for the crystals to dissolve, you need to add the water with the salt bring to a boil.

Only then do you give it to the ultrasound humidifierwhen the water has cooled.
Naturally should You also have suitable cleaners for your ultrasound humidifier acquire. Finally, the device should be used at least once a week cleaned become. A cleaner with a disinfecting effect is recommended. also the test showed that you use the device with a suitable Should clean the descaler. How often depends on the degree of hardness of the Water in your region from.

Stiftung Warentest ultrasonic humidifier test - the results

The Foundation Product test dealt in detail with the subject of humidifiers in 2016. The Qualifying Examination in this case referred to humidifiers in general. After all, she wants Foundation, endowment Product test address an audience that is as willing as possible. Of course im came frame This juxtaposition also puts ultrasonic humidifiers to the test. In general, the small devices got very decent ratings grades. The pros found they were able to do one room moisturize quite well.

Even the cooling ones properties were praised. Most of the devices tested were also very energy efficient.
A big problem But the testers also saw: In the devices Germs collect, which are then released into the air. In comparison of the pros there was for these Property always deductions in the test grade. They came to that EnoughAsthma sufferers should not use these devices. All the others gave them Tester the advice to clean the tank regularly. It is also recommended, Diffuse lavender. This already have a disinfectant effect.

The Test winner was a product from Switzerland. It is not surprising. They have this test Professionals carried out together with their colleagues from K-Tipp from Switzerland. The throne climbed Back then the Venta LW 45. But there are now many newer Models on the mart. These Find In our comparison table.


Where should I set up my ultrasonic humidifier?