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Trial of the Islamist attack in Dresden : Fatal knife attack out of hatred of gays

On April 12, the Islamist Abdullah A. H. H. had to answer before the Dresden Higher Regional Court for the fatal attack on a gay tourist and the serious injury to his partner. The OLG announced the date on Tuesday. On October 4, 2020, the Syrian stabbed the two men from Krefeld, aged 55 and 53, in the Saxon capital near the Kulturpalast. The 55-year-old died in hospital a short time later, the second victim barely survived. Abdullah A. H. H., a supporter of the Islamic State terrorist group, was arrested two weeks after the attack.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office took on the case because of its particular importance. The indictment filed at the beginning of March states that the accused acted out of a “radical Islamist conviction”. He had chosen the two victims "in order to punish them with death as representatives of a liberal and open social order that he rejected as" unbelieving ". The federal prosecutor's office accuses the perpetrator of murder, attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm.

The young Syrian was just released from custody

Even before the act, the Islamist was considered extremely dangerous. The police had classified him as a terrorist threat. Abdullah A. H. H. had been released from more than three years in prison five days before the attack. The Dresden Higher Regional Court sentenced the young Syrian, whose exact age is unclear, to almost three years' youth imprisonment in November 2018, among other things for advertising the terrorist militia IS. The detention was extended because Abdullah A. H. H. attacked law enforcement officers in the prison.

The police and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had agreed to keep an eye on the Syrian after he was released from prison in an “active network”. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution should stay on the heels of Abullah A. H. H. and alert the police if a criminal offense is imminent. But when the Islamist struck, there was no official around. The protection of the constitution had reduced the surveillance of the endangered party to a "technical observation". A hidden camera was installed in front of the entrance to the Syrian's house, and the Islamist was not observed after leaving the building. The security authorities did not notice that Abdullah A. H. H. was buying knives in a department store.

The exact age of Abdullah A. H. H. is unclear

Abdullah A. H. H. came to Germany alone as a refugee in October 2015. He stated his age at 15, but he was possibly already 17. The OLG Dresden applied juvenile criminal law in the first trial. A spokeswoman for the court told the Tagesspiegel that the new proceedings will be based on adult criminal law. However, the 4th Criminal Senate will examine whether the accused was still an adolescent at the time of the offense and should then be treated according to juvenile criminal law. An adolescent, that is between 18 and 21 years of age, can still be sentenced according to youth criminal law if it is proven that there is a delay in maturity. In juvenile criminal law, the maximum sentence is ten years imprisonment, including murder. In adult criminal law, murder is punishable by life imprisonment.

For the trial against Abdullah A. H. H., the court has so far set twelve trial days until the end of May.

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