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Vaccination and testing: what workers need to know now

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Can my employer request that I get a vaccination against corona? Can I keep an appointment during working hours - and who will then pay my salary? Am I entitled to regular rapid tests at work? Our guide answers the most important questions about vaccinations and tests for employees and works councils.

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Corona vaccination and what employees need to know about it

DGB / Simone M. Neumann

In Germany there is vaccination against Corona. We answer what employees now need to know. For example, which professional groups can be vaccinated first.

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Corona child sickness benefit: Who gets it, how it is applied for


Parents who have to look after their children due to daycare closings or school closings due to the corona pandemic can now receive child sickness benefit. There are 30 days per parent from the first child in 2021, 60 for single parents. The DGB and its member unions have been calling for more support for parents in the crisis for months. The additional child sickness benefit for parents is a step in the right direction in the short term, but it is not enough.

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Corona as an occupational disease? Sick of COVID-19 while working

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Anyone who falls ill with corona at work should report this as an occupational illness or as an occupational accident to the accident insurance. Information on recognition and co.

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Minimum wage 2021/2022: what will change?

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What is the minimum wage in 2021? What is the minimum wage in 2022? When is it increased? And what are the exceptions to the minimum wage in 2021 and 2022? Answers to the most important questions.

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Corona: Everything that employees need to know now

DGB / Kateryna Kon / 123rf.com

The corona pandemic continues. New questions always arise for employees. We have the most important answers.

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