What does x

What is x? (Equation with powers)

Hello, how do you resolve something like that? I have problems getting the potency off.

First take, I can get it, then we have:

But from now on I know wg. the potency no longer ... Please explain!

For everyone who wants to help me (automatically generated by OnlineMathe):
"I want to create the solution in collaboration with others."
Well, you will surely get the 2 away and it is.

Ok right, then we would be with


What yes . after the quarter root means

(how do I write the fourth root correctly here?)
Ok now I think I understood:

If I then take everything to the power of 4, it would have to be balanced out on the left with the 4th root and both would be omitted, i.e.

What is the 4th root supposed to do?

so both sides to the power of 4.