What are some common branding mistakes

These are the 9 most common mistakes when building your personal brand.

"Making mistakes is good!"

It always sounds like this or something like that from all the online marketing gurus. But let's be honest - nobody likes to make mistakes. And many mistakes have been made thousands of times, so why not learn from them?

As already mentioned several times, in my opinion personal branding is a must in online marketing and offers you endless possibilities. But here, too, there are a few things to consider that you are welcome to avoid at an early stage.

In the following I have written down the 9 biggest mistakes for you that I have experienced in the past few years as a personal brand and online marketing coach, some of which I made myself.


Your personal brand will fail because of this.

So that the structure of your personal brand goes as you imagine it and you become more visible in your target group and thus more successful, I have compiled 9 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid.

Showcase your personality and do it better than your competitors.

Because many entrepreneurs ...


1. ... copy other entrepreneurs.

It's easy to copy something that someone else has already worked out and tested. Yes, a copy is always a copy and can be replaced. Why should your customer choose you when they seem to get exactly the same offer from you as from your competitor?

If you want to become known as an expert in your niche, then find your own distinctive style, share your own mission and be yourself. This connects your customer with your brand and you will be remembered for sure.

2.… don't take personal branding seriously enough.

Personal branding - another marketing trend? No! Use this tool as part of your online marketing strategy from now on. With your individual personality you create a unique competitive advantage and have the opportunity to reach millions of people as a leader. People buy from people and preferably from those they trust. So build yourself an authentic personal brand.

3. ... think online marketing is the holy grail.

As an entrepreneur, you know how hard the road to success is. You plan, test, analyze and tackle again. But for some reason most people don't think that online marketing works overnight. This is wrong. Because, especially in online marketing, many things have to be tried out first, there is no 100% guarantee. No matter what the gurus tell you.

Your personal brand also needs to grow. New things don't work overnight. So take your time and stay tuned.

4.… do not dare to present themselves online.

“I don't want to share my private life.” Was that the first thing that crossed your mind when you read that you should show your personality? But personal is not private. You decide how much you are ready to present. But no matter what you show your customers, there is always more than someone who does not share anything. People love to look behind the scenes. That creates authenticity and trust. Dare to get out of your comfort zone. Start with a little story on Instagram and slowly work your way to the live video.

I promise you it will be worth it.

5. ... want to do everything alone.

One question in advance: If you have a hole in your tooth, do you treat yourself or do you go to a dentist? Of course you go to an expert.

Funny that this question can be answered clearly, but when it comes to online marketing, everyone who has attended a seminar thinks they are an expert. Constant further development and a wealth of experience in this area save you a lot of failures and bring new ideas to the table. So look for someone who will support you in building your personal brand. Surely you have enough other tasks on your list and you won't get bored.

6.… don't share their story.

What makes you different from your biggest competitor? Your story. Nevertheless, I keep seeing websites, postings or advertisements without a personality.

Basically, people look for similarities. How will your customer know if you are a better choice for them if you don't share your story, values, and views? It lacks the connection point.

The Americans have a perfect saying for this: Facts tell, but stories sell.

7.… don't think outside the box.

Have you ever wondered how I became CMO at Dirk Kreuter?

I met Calvin Hollywood during my studies and worked as a photographer through him. Calvin was a great role model for me. It was through his podcast that I first became aware of Dirk and started his sales offensive.

As you can see, collaborations in other industries are incredibly important and help you to become visible more quickly and to reach new target groups. Where could you take part in a video or podcast or write a guest post?

8.… don't have a personal brand strategy.

Having a strategy that you can follow on a daily basis will help you clear your head for your core business. Most entrepreneurs go bankrupt because they lack a long-term strategy and just rush from action to action. You have to react to the situation and burn resources with it.

If you set concrete goals in advance and follow your tasks and actions in a structured manner, you will save time and energy. Even when it comes to building your personal brand.

Your prospects are looking for your solution and it's your job to get them to get it. So focus your resources on your core business and use your online marketing efficiently.

9.… don't analyze your results.

Do you invest time, money and energy in measures and do not analyze your results? Then you can open the window behind you right now and throw out your money.

Without analysis, you are in the dark. In online marketing, it is easier than ever for non-experts to analyze user behavior and thus the effect of a measure. Of course, it is important that you determine measurable key figures in advance that you can relate to user behavior.

Use your results to fine-tune your personal brand strategy and individual actions in order to increase your visibility and win more customers for you.


** Blog notes

If you avoid these mistakes, you are well on the way to successfully building your personal brand and increasing your awareness. If you would like to find out more about what is meant by personal branding and what characterizes a successful personal brand, please read my article Personal Branding and Visibility or listen to my podcast “The M-Factor: How to Become a Brand”.