Is money important Why why not

Money is important, but not everything

What is really important to employees in the job? The salary is of the utmost importance for the employees, followed by a good team. Appreciative behavior on the part of superiors is the third priority for employees. When it comes to health promotion, massages and back training are particularly popular. These are the results of the study “Digital, dynamic, permanently stressed? Work 2020 ”, for which 1,875 employees were surveyed in January and February of this year. The data was collected on behalf of Pronova BKK.

Salary, team, boss - more than four fifths of employees can agree on these three factors when it comes to job satisfaction. A reasonable salary is crucial for 84 percent. 82 percent value good cohesion among colleagues. Respect for their superiors, on the other hand, is important to 81 percent of the working population.

In the everyday life of many working people there are obviously still deficits: In their current job, the employees rate their salary and the behavior of their superiors as merely “satisfactory” on average, while colleagues and the team at least receive a “good”.

How managers can help

"Especially in challenging times like the corona pandemic, companies should be particularly sensitive to the needs of employees," says Patrizia Thamm, psychologist at pronova BKK. “Management behavior is particularly important at the moment. In order to motivate the employees, superiors should appear particularly appreciative, because most of them are doing more than usual in the Corona crisis. Sometimes they have to cope with a double burden of home office and childcare. Appreciation is therefore more in demand than ever, ”says Thamm. “Of course, fear of losing one's job in a crisis can also be an issue. Managers should show sensitivity, take time for their employees and show understanding. In this way, they can do their part to ensure that employees are mentally strengthened during the Corona crisis and are still satisfied with their job. "

Massages and back exercises are particularly popular

The companies make health offers for their employees: four out of five employees have company health promotion available. Almost half of the employees can undergo a general health check at the company doctor, 35 percent of the employees can have their eyes examined. There is also a canteen with healthy food and a fruit basket for around a third of the employees. The offers are used by 90 percent of employees

In a national comparison, it is noticeable that younger employees use company health offers more than the national average. People under 30 are particularly interested in nutrition and exercise. 69 percent of the younger employees appreciate the offer of a canteen with wholesome food, the national average here is 59 percent. More than 61 percent of younger people are interested in gym membership. Further information from PronovaBKK.

To the studies
The online survey on working in the Corona crisis among 942 German employees was carried out on April 16, 2020 after the announcement of the further measures to contain the Corona crisis on behalf of pronova BKK.
The study “Digital, dynamic, permanently stressed? Work 2020 ”was carried out in January and February 2020 on behalf of pronova BKK as part of an online survey. 1,875 employees over the age of 18 were surveyed nationwide.

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