How can I save YouTube content

Save YouTube video: With and without an additional program

In the following tip we explain how you can save a YouTube video without installing additional programs.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer you the option to save music and videos from the popular video platform. However, there are both free tools and websites to get Legally download YouTube videos. In the following tip, we'll show you how to do this.

1. YouTube wants the videos to be watched online

The large video portal deliberately does not offer the option to enable you to download videos or music, as only online advertising can be inserted between the contents.

Nevertheless, the download of content as a private copy is permitted under the copyright law, as long as you use the content privately and do not make it available to others.

There is no way to save YouTube videos directly from the web browser without extensions such as the tried and tested Video DownloadHelper or other “YouTube downloaders”. And Google has even blocked this function for extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Saving YouTube videos is prevented

Many of the extensions therefore only work for Firefox or Microsoft Edge from their stores.

2. It works with online converters for YouTube without any programs

There are numerous online converters for YouTube available on the internet which you can use Save any YouTube video for free without any program installed. The operation of the web services is so easy that a short instruction is sufficient.

  1. Access one of the online converters for YouTube, such as the Freemake YouTube Video Downloader, through the web browser.
  2. Copy the YouTube link of the video that you would like to save into the input window.
  3. The next step is for you to choose the audio and video format for the video. You can also save just the audio track as music in MP3 format or other codecs.

Web services such as Freemake Youtube Video Downloader save videos locally without a program on your PC.

Unfortunately, the Do not use services via smartphone browser. At least in our experiments we had little luck with Android or iOS. In addition, there are no apps for such functions in the App Store for iPhone, Mac and Co., as Apple quickly removes them. Such apps can hardly be found in the Google Play Store either.

3. The easiest way through free tools

For Windows PCs in particular, there is a large selection of tools that can conveniently download videos from YouTube and other platforms, for example the 4K Video Downloader, Lacey Free Music & Video Downloader, ClipGrab or the Youtube Downloader HD. We have summarized other YouTube downloaders in our Streamripper section.

The Free Music and Video Downloader is very easy to use.

The popular VLC media player is also able to Open videos from YouTube and save locally in many formatswhen you open the YouTube url under media on the Network tab and in the drop-down box at the bottom of the window convert choose.

VLC Media Player converts online content

In the following dialog you can then specify the output format by selecting one of the preconfigured profiles.

Finally, here is a video in which a YouTube video is downloaded via an add-on:

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Save YouTube video: With and without an additional program
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