Why are some countries developed

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Developing countries

Poverty, hunger, child labor
Not everyone in this world is doing as well as we are. In many countries outside Europe there is great poverty. Families are starving, parents are unemployed, and some of the children have no way of learning to read and write. Many children even have to work hard themselves because their parents do not earn enough for the family. Many people get sick because they don't have proper housing or because they have to drink polluted water. You cannot be treated by a doctor because there are too few doctors and hospitals. The state cannot help either, for example because it is not properly organized or is being run incorrectly. Or the state is indebted. He often has to repay his debts at high interest rates and therefore does not have enough money to build hospitals or schools.
Developing countries

Countries that are so poor are called developing countries. There are many reasons that developing countries are poor.

  • In many developing countries there is not enough food and raw materials to support the ever faster growing population.
  • Many developed countries such as Germany believe that they have to "protect" their own economies from cheap goods from developing countries. To do this, they levy so-called import duties. This makes the goods from poorer countries more expensive and can only be sold poorly.
  • Many problems in developing countries have their origins in the past. The colonial powers took advantage of their colonies and prevented them from developing into equally strong trading partners.
  • The climate is also causing problems in many poor countries. There are always drought disasters. They usually have the consequence that the crops are destroyed.
Development cooperation
Many rich countries and organizations are helping developing countries cope with their problems. Germany works with many developing countries. This is "development cooperation". The aim is to support the developing countries so that conditions in the countries improve, poverty is reduced and people can live in peace and freedom.

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