What is the best workflow management platform

Project management

Kanban is designed to give companies a boost in terms of project and product development efficiency. The workflow management system is usually used in software development, but Kanban can generally be used to optimize all workflow processes.

With the help of Kanban board and cards, workflows can be visualized, tasks assigned to specific team members and the backlog viewed. A whiteboard may be sufficient for small teams. However, if Kanban is to be introduced at all levels of a company, numerous tools are available to make the transition as seamless as possible. In addition, Kanban is also conducive to collaboration and transparency: A digital Kanban board maps all tasks and priorities over time.

Overview of Kanban tools

The problem is that the market has hundreds of Kanban tools to offer. Each product has its own set of features and services. Finding the right Kanban tool is no easy task. That's why we've gathered some of the best and most popular tools in this field for you.


Trello is one of the most popular Kanban and workflow management tools. Usually, agile software development teams in particular rely on Trello - but the tool is also regularly used for marketing, sales, support and HR purposes. Trello enables its users to share calendars, reminders, tasks and deadlines with each other - comments on individual tasks are also possible in order to keep others up to date. Trello is particularly suitable for large teams or cross-departmental projects: All stakeholders are always up to date on the progress of the project or the incorporation of new ideas and can give feedback in real time.


According to its own statement, Jira is "the No. 1 among the development tools for agile teams". The user interface is clear and intuitive and includes a Kanban board and various collaboration features. Jira lets you create either preconfigured or your own workflows that are geared to the way the team works. Jira also enables the creation of software roadmaps that help IT keep the development process in line with business goals. Jira integrates with more than 3,000 other apps, enabling an individual, tailor-made experience for project teams.


Asana offers a variety of features for Kanban, agile project management, Buig tracking, business process management, collaboration, product management, roadmapping and resource management. The development tool also has a number of workflow management functionalities to offer - in addition, continuous updates regularly ensure new features. The colleagues of our US sister publication CIO.com subjected Asana to an extensive test.


The Workflow Management Tool Monday offers a unified user interface that enables companies to manage complete workflows in one place. Monday's features include automation, visualization, reporting, collaboration and around-the-clock support for customers. In addition to the Kanban functionalities, Monday also has a balanced set of features for project management, HR, media production, sales, IT, marketing, software development and remote work on board.


Wrike makes sharing and editing Kanban boards a breeze. Tasks can be visualized, important to-dos can be attached to the dashboard and Kanban cards can also be integrated. The software also provides comprehensive reporting functions with which project progress and team performance can be analyzed in real time. Wrike is primarily aimed at medium and large companies with teams of 20 or more. The Kanban tool can enrich IT and marketing as well as creative work, product and project teams.


The agile project management tool MeisterTask offers flexible, adaptable Kanban and project boards. The user interface is very minimalist (but colorful) and offers a number of options to individually design Kanban categories, project timelines, automated workflows or recurring tasks. In addition, the Kanban tool also offers features for collaboration, KPI monitoring, project planning and roadmapping as well as productivity tracking tools.


WorkOtter is also highly adaptable: The software comes with an intuitive user interface, dashboards and a uniform design and is particularly suitable for companies that have to connect ten or more users. Collaborative features are on board as well as customizable Kanban boards. WorkOtter is designed for use in IT, engineering and PMOs.


KanbanFlow is a simple productivity tracking tool with a strong focus on Kanban boards to make companies more productive and to make communication easier. The user interface is kept minimalist, which is useful for clarity. A corresponding timer is also integrated for users of the Pomodoro technology. Like most other workflow management tools, KanbanFlow also integrates with numerous other tools and solutions and, of course, also has reproting functions on board to analyze workflows.

Kanban tool

Kanban Tool is a project management platform that supports companies in implementing Kanban in their workflow management and development processes. The software also enables real-time collaboration and has all the other features on board to make Kanban fly in the company - for example task management, productivity tracking, process automation, deadline tracking or digital Kanban cards.


If your company already uses Slack or Microsoft Teams, Kanban tools and workflow productivity tracking can be integrated directly with the help of Workstreams. Workstreams also enables the creation of flexible Kanban boards - a bot also helps with teamwork via Slack and Teams channels. Messages can be raised to action items and performance reports can also be called up directly via Slack or Teams. Workstreams is a good option, especially for teams that don't need additional workflow management options and are already using Teams or Slack.

This article is based on an article from our US sister publication CIO.com (fm).