Is Greta Thunberg autistic

What Greta Thunberg's illness means

Asperger's autistic people are often considered particularly talented child prodigies - like Greta Thunberg. But many have the wrong idea about the disease. In fact, Asperger's autism doesn't even exist.

When Greta Thunberg gave an angry speech at the UN climate summit in New York, some viewers were surprised. Isn't Greta autistic? And do they even have feelings?

Thunberg describes himself on Twitter as a “16-year-old climate and environmental activist with Asperger's”. In fact, before that she almost always seemed rationally cool.

The Swede has become a role model for millions of people. For others a figure of hatred. Opponents also insult her because of her autism. Greta is a robot, belongs in psychiatry, and projects her problems onto climate change.

Lots of myths about Asperger's Syndrome

The public image of Greta fluctuates between “child prodigy” and “pathological”. There are a number of myths about autism and Asperger's Syndrome. In some aspects, even scientists do not yet agree.

According to the diagnostic criteria, autism means, on the one hand, that those affected are limited in social and communication skills. For example, they find it difficult to interpret facial expressions or understand irony. On Facebook, Greta Thunberg names her lack of skills in “socializing” as the main reason for initially protesting alone. "If I had been" normal "and sociable, I would have joined an organization or started one myself."

The second defining characteristic of autism is that people tend to be monotonous. For example, you have the desire for rituals, the same dishes or themes. Mostly they also suffer from strong sensory impressions: light and noise appear extremely bright or loud to them.

Affected people are not without empathy

Autistic people are said to be unable to empathize with other people. "It is not the case that autistic people have no empathy," contradicts the autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen from the University of Cambridge. Many would have difficulties to put themselves mentally in other people. But empathy - besides this cognitive - also has an affective part, i.e. an emotional reaction to other people.

While autistic people usually have problems in social areas, in others they are sometimes considered true geniuses. Asperger's autistic people in particular are often portrayed as highly intelligent. For example in the film Rain Man, in which Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic person whose extremely good memory pays off when playing cards.

Some companies even specifically employ autistic people because they are considered to be particularly detail-oriented. This can be helpful for error analyzes in the IT area, for example. "Autistic talents can show up in any area where patterns can be analyzed," said Baron-Cohen. For example in music too.

But people with autism are by no means always highly gifted - not even all Asperger's autistic people. Exceptional ability is usually a savant ability, that is, an island ability that only affects one area. And only a few autistic people are savants.

The intelligence can be very different. Doctors and psychologists have long distinguished between different types of autism based on their level of intelligence. People with Asperger's or so-called high functioning autism have a higher intelligence than people with "classic" autism, Kanner autism. Leo Kanner first described the autism disease in 1943. A year later, Hans Asperger published his habilitation, which gave the other variant of autism a name. But higher intelligence does not mean gifted.

Does Asperger even exist?

In the meantime it is even controversial whether Asperger's Syndrome even exists. The syndrome no longer appears in the current diagnostic catalog according to which psychiatrists classify illnesses. In 2013, the so-called DSM V (the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) summarized the previously separate clinical pictures for the so-called autism spectrum disorder. Since then, autism has been considered a continuum.

The history of Asperger's Syndrome would be short: it was not included in the diagnostic catalog until 1980. But the discussions continue. Scientists continue to investigate whether differences between autistic people are just nuances or indicate separate diseases. Autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen advises having a generic term with subtypes - as in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Among other things, this would make it easier to understand which offers of help help whom.

Those affected do not agree either. Some see autism as a disability. Others use the keyword neurodiversity to argue that they just have a different type of perception. Indeed, where autism begins is unclear. According to the new diagnostic criteria, many Asperger's autistic people would no longer be considered autistic - according to a meta-analysis, this would apply to every fourth person.

For many autistic people, the diagnosis is part of their identity. Greta Thunberg also wrote on Twitter: “I have Asperger's and that means that sometimes I'm a little different from the norm. And - under the right circumstances - being different can be a superpower. "

Whether autism is a blessing or a curse is likely to remain controversial for a long time to come. The term Asperger's autism has fallen out of favor for another reason: Hans Asperger (1906-1980) is said to have been involved in the Nazis' euthanasia program. Scientists have long advised against naming diseases after people.

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