Why do we love video games

Computer games / video games

There have been various developments in the past few decades that have changed the world of leisure time and time again. But there is one development that is particularly urgent in this regard: We are talking about computer games and video games. Computer games, often just called games, are programs installed on computers that enable interactive activities. As a rule, every game has a specific goal that the player should achieve. Video games have a similar structure, but are played on game consoles or portable devices rather than on PCs.

The development of computer games and video games over the decades

In order for the computer and video games to develop so impressively, an essential achievement was the basic requirement in advance: What is meant is information technology in the form of powerful computers. Analog systems made the start - the digital computers introduced later were an important milestone in the history of computer and video games. The games celebrated their first commercial successes in the 1970s. This was also when the first consoles came onto the market. In the nineties in particular, there were great leaps in development in terms of graphics and complexity. With the advent of the Internet, a new era was ushered in in the world of computer games: the so-called online games, in which players can play together on the World Wide Web, became increasingly popular, especially after the turn of the millennium. The world of games is getting bigger and more impressive. Photo-realistic graphics, well thought-out ideas and gripping stories as well as a wide range of genres shape the charm of this cosmos. Games have even long since arrived in the cinema world.

What genres are there in computer games and video games?

The first computer and video games included jump ā€™nā€™ runs, modifications of board games and tennis-like games. With the development of 3D technologies, the spectrum has been expanded significantly. The computer and video game world can be subdivided into the genres of action games, adventure games, simulations and strategy games.