What are parachute fireworks

Types of fireworks - how they appeared and what they are. View types of fireworks and their classification during the day

Fireworks are decorative lights obtained by burning pyrotechnic compositions with metal salts that color the flame in different colors. These are fiery figures that imaginatively change color and shape, wells of sparks; often accompanied by sound effects. What vacation is complete without fireworks?

Types of fireworks

Ground fireworks

Ground-based fireworks are said to be no higher than 7 meters. Such fireworks include fiery inscriptions, fountains, static and dynamic pyrotechnic figures: fiery wheels, turntables, mills, fiery waterfalls, etc. Ground fireworks are an integral part of a pyrotechnic show. The demonstration of ground fireworks is carried out in both large and small areas.

Lower level

The height of the fireworks on the lower level reaches 30-40 meters. Products of caliber 10, 20, 30, 50 mm are used. These include household fireworks, Roman candles, batteries of fireworks. It is especially relevant in places where it is impossible to carry out medium and high level fireworks according to the safety rules (radius of the danger zone).

Intermediate level

The height of the medium-weight fireworks reaches 70 meters. Professional fireworks of caliber 50, 60, 75 mm are used. A great sight of multicolored balls opening over your head and made up of many effects (red peonies, golden willows, twinkling stars, etc.).

Altitude level

The height of the high-level fireworks is 70 to 350 meters. Professional fireworks of caliber 100, 125, 150, 195, 310 mm are used. A breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of colorful balls that open high in the sky and consist of many effects (golden willows, red peonies, sparkling stars). These fireworks will not leave anyone indifferent.

Day fireworks

Fireworks are held during the day in daylight. Consists of colored smoke, parachute fireworks and sound effects. Ground fireworks are also used: fire falls, mills, wells, inscriptions. Such fireworks decorate both adult and children's parties.

Indoor fireworks

Smoke-free professional fireworks are used for premises: fountains from 50 cm to 2 m, lightning from 2 to 4 m, fiery waterfalls from 2 to 5 m. Fire inscription or logo, a path of fountains. When holding fireworks indoors, special attention is paid to compliance with safety measures.

Types of pyrotechnic products


They are made of paper or plastic in the shape of a cylinder, cone, bottle, candy, etc. with internal spacers, with a tip loop protruding from the bottom. When the string is pulled, the friction-sensitive pyrotechnic composition ignites and the filling of the cracker (paper confetti, serpentine, various souvenirs) is thrown away.

The flap should be held firmly on one outstretched hand with an outstretched hand at an angle of 30-45 degrees and the string pulled sharply with the other hand. Table crackers are installed vertically and ignited by a wick at the base. These crackers should be placed on a non-flammable support such as a plate, and not placed under lighting lamps.


This is a paper wrapper that is steamed on one side, and on the other side a visco (wick) or slow-burning pyrotechnic composition with a grid detonator is fed to the slurry through the other plug. When the slurry is ignited, the blast bursts with a deafening bang. There are original crackers with combined effects - before the clap, the cracker can spin, jump, scatter sparks, fly up.

There are two types of fireworks:

Fireworks with a lattice head. They are set on fire like matches: all you have to do is hit a matchbox with a grater head. In the case of wick fireworks, an outstanding wick is ignited.

Wick fireworks. They are made both in the form of individual fireworks and in the form of bundles of ten to several thousand pieces. The long bundles are distributed on the floor in the form of a ribbon. The bundle is set on fire at one end, and then there is a continuous crackle of fireworks exploding one after another.

Bengali candles

Sparklers, often referred to simply as "sparklers," are one of the most common fireworks displays. Bengal candle is a metal stick, part of which is covered with a sparkling composition. Some candles have a head with a flammable compound to make the candle easier to light. When burning, the candle scatters silver sparks. Colored Bengal candles burn and also form a small torch of red, green or yellow color. A high quality Bengal candle should be lit with a match, not extinguished when burning and not let fall hot cinder that forms on the floor when burned.

Depending on the composition used, the Bengal candle can be black, gray or silver in color. The size of the Bengal candles is between 150 and 650 mm and the burning time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The largest candles are only recommended for use in large rooms or halls. Each Bengal candle can be held in the hand from the open part at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Colored sparklers should only be used outdoors because of the presence of aggressive oxides in combustion products.

Roman candles

The Roman candle is a long cardboard sleeve that is filled with blocks of filling in several layers one after the other. The filler block consists of black powder, pyroelement and an intermediate retardation composition. A wick is placed on top of the pipe. The candle burns from top to bottom and shoots colored pyro-elements (stars) one after the other up to a height of 50 meters (mostly 4 to 25 pieces). The most popular candles shoot out a small number of stars, but they create extremely interesting light and sound effects.

It is not recommended to hold Roman candles in your hand as the bowl or bottom of the candle can be destroyed, which could result in burns. The Roman candle must be installed vertically with the wick up and securely fastened. To do this, the candle should be firmly attached to a peg driven into the ground or put at least 1/3 the length of the candle in a metal pipe, earth or thick snow.


In our country, this term refers to fireworks carried out with high-level fireworks. A paper or metal cover that shoots up to 30 meters high is also known as a greeting.

There are two types of salutes: single and rechargeable. The first look like a low pipe on a stand. To use such a greeting, it is enough to put it on a flat place, set it on fire and leave. The rechargeable fireworks display consists of a launch tube and several balloon-shaped high-altitude charges. To use it, you need to put the launch tube on a flat place, lower the charge into it, set it on fire and move away.

The fireworks battery contains several dozen cartridges with different effects. The battery is ignited by a wick. The effects can be very different. When a battery fireworks works, a short but intense fireworks display is displayed. It is therefore better to light them several times in a row. Fireworks should be installed on a firm, level surface. Fireworks batteries with a small number of barrels should be covered with earth or thick snow at the base to avoid tipping over when burning. For the same reason, it is not recommended to put such batteries on hold.

Super currencies - These are batteries of fireworks with increased power and with special colorful effects. The rules of use are the same as for conventional fireworks batteries, but with a greater distance from the safety zone.

Fountains, volcanoes, contour candles

Fountain is a firework made of durable paper or a metal shell filled with a fast-burning power plant component with a force effect. It is ignited in the upper part, during the combustion the fountain throws out a bundle of shiny or colored sparks at different heights through the neck (nozzle), depending on the caliber and design. The outbreak of sparks can be accompanied by whistling, crackling and ejecting fireballs ... fountains burn from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes. There are fountains with special light and sound effects. Most fountains can only be used outdoors.

Special low-smoke table and concert fountains are made for indoor and indoor stage areas. Fire paths and various figures are made from the fountains.

are made in the shape of a cone. During the burning, the area of ​​the burning composition of the volcano increases and, accordingly, the amount of current of emitted sparks increases.

Contour candles a fireworks product which is a thin-walled paper wrapper filled with a slow-burning colored flame fireworks composition or a stick of a slow-burning colored flame composition with an ignition composition in the top. A contour candle burns and forms a bright, colorful flame. The entire group of candles that form an inscription or drawing is ignited with a stop-in drive (a bundle of cotton threads soaked in potassium nitrate and coated on the outside with an acidic cream-like mixture of pulp pulp and glue). or a quick-burning plastic stop. You should create a small, colorful torch. Contour candles are placed along the contour of a drawing or label.

The sun

The sun is a very spectacular fireworks display that rotates around the horizontal axis and scatters sparks in all directions, forming a colorful circle. The products for sale are completed with a bolt threaded through a hole in the center of the sun and nailed to a vertical post at a height of at least 1.5 meters. A tree can also be resistant. When installing the sun, make sure that it rotates easily and that there are no protruding parts on the post that can slow the sun down. For easier rotation between the sun and the post, you can put a plastic washer, which could be a plug, for example, plastic bottles.


A rocket is a high-grade fireworks product, which is a rocket engine with a stabilizer in the form of a wooden slat or wings with a container with pyro elements or a ball at high altitude in the upper part or without it. The rocket engine provides lift up to a height of 20 to 100 meters. During take-off, it often leaves a sparkling fiery cloud, and at the highest point of the trajectory, a container with pyro elements or a balloon explodes at a high altitude, ejecting burning stars, sparks, parachutes or loud clapping. In small missiles, the engine and warhead consist of a single paper envelope.

The stabilizer ensures that the missile maintains its vertical direction in flight. The simplest and most effective flight stabilizer is a straight wooden stick or rail. The stick is attached to the missile body and flies with it. The length and weight of the control stick must match the missile type so that you cannot launch missiles with a broken, twisted, or improvised stabilizer.

To launch a rocket with a stabilizer, it should be placed as vertically as possible in a suitable narrow-necked bottle or in a piece of paper or metal tube at least 13 times the length of the stabilizer. Do not stick the stick in the ground as the rocket thrust may not be enough for launch.

After the missile explodes at a height, the stabilizer falls to the ground. With large missiles, the stabilizer is a fairly heavy object, so the launch of such missiles should be done at a considerable distance (100-150 meters) from the audience. Tail stabilized missiles are often launched from launch pads supplied with the missile. Such missiles are more expensive than missiles with a stabilizer, but they look like a real missile.

Flying fireworks

Flying fireworks unfold on the ground and float vertically up to a height of 20 m, with sparks being scattered in the form of an umbrella. Fireworks can shine brightly in different colors, clap, throw a parachute. Flying fireworks are usually a cylindrical body of paper with wings. Some fireworks do not have wings and are lifted upwards by an additional jet engine. To start a flying fireworks display, you need a flat, smooth platform measuring 50 x 50 centimeters, e.g. B. a piece of cardboard.

Fireworks are always a very bright and unforgettable event. Spectacular splashes of multicolored sparks in the sky hardly leave anyone indifferent. As a rule, when starting fireworks, people show their joy, their joy, which is why fireworks can so often be seen, for example, in maternity clinics - this is how newly educated fathers express their happiness.

Many people believe that pyrotechnic shows are in vogue and are organized for some reason and without them, but you have to admit that without a surprise, like fireworks, whatever holiday will be solemn and unforgettable. In addition, there are not so many glasses in the world that, depending on the influence, the image of the open sky could be covered with all the colors of the rainbow.

Today there is a wide range of pyrotechnic products. Both for blasting on the street and for indoor use. For example, fireworks for the street are:

Ground supported, the height of which does not exceed 15 meters. This type of fireworks display includes fire falls or fountains (or groups of fountains) of various colors, static and dynamic burning figures, fiery inscriptions, pyrotechnic flashes and other elements. Ground fireworks are an integral part of the pyrotechnic show. The demonstration of ground fireworks is carried out in both large and small areas.

Parks that can reach a height of up to 70 meters and paint paint the entire horizon line across the entire width of the assigned area. At the same time, park fireworks have the highest intensity, so you can achieve 300 salvos per minute, for example. This type of pyrotechnics usually includes street fountains, torches and waterfalls that create effects at the highest level.

Fireworks at great heights can reach heights of 70 to 500 meters (!). These types of fireworks are fired vertically from fireworks, where they are dotted with a huge salute. High-rise fireworks cannot be considered an ordinary celebratory fireworks display, in fact, it is a special enchanting pyrotechnic show. However, it should be remembered that pyrotechnic shows with high-altitude fireworks of this level are only allowed to specialists who have passed special certification.

In the case of fireworks for an enclosed space or, as they are also known as mini fireworks or halls, there are also different types, namely:

Torches are special fireworks that shoot millions of sparks with great force and disappear instantly. With this type of fireworks you can create an unforgettable effect for the climax of the event. The height of the torches reaches 8 meters;

Fountains are usually a bright stream of silver, gold, and multicolored sparks, while there are rotating fountains and well batteries. These types of fireworks are very effective not only in the dark but also during the day. Both during the day and in the evening, they generate a very bright spark current, the height of which can reach 6 meters. There are also special table fountains. These fountains can even be set on fire on a festive table.

Pneumatic starts or continuous confetti machines or impulse confetti (streamer) cannons are usually installed in nightclubs, concert halls, and dance floors. Constant confetti machines can work continuously for several minutes and lift tens of kilograms of confetti up to a height of 25 meters in the air.

As you can see, the spectrum of pyrotechnics is great. Today it can be arranged not only outdoors, but also indoors.And if you do decide to arrange a vacation for yourself or your loved ones, follow the safety precautions and follow the instructions, or better not to experiment with yourself and contact the professionals.

Most people associate fireworks with holidays. Indeed, both the deep evening sky, blazing from the lightning of multicolored fireballs, and the scattering of sparkling sparks reflected in the orange sides of the New Year's tangerines are all attributes of joy, fun and good humor. Every special occasion can be provided with its own fireworks display that corresponds to the status of the event. Throughout its history, mankind has developed a variety of pyrotechnic products to create a colorful fire show. Here is a non-exhaustive list of fireworks that are most seen and deservedly loved by viewers.

1 .. Essentially, these are miniature mortar pistols, the main task of which is to throw pyrotechnic elements into the air, which, when ascending, burn with a bright flame (sometimes with spectacular sparks).

2 .. Also mortars, which shoot pyrotechnic balls up to a great height (up to two hundred meters), which burst into the air with a significant sound effect when they reach the hovering point and scatter burning elements.

3. Fireworks... Basically, it is all about loud fireworks that burst with a strong and sharp bang (in French, "Peter" means "to burst with a bang").

4. Missiles - Devices brought onto the market from special stocks take off with a characteristic whistle and hiss, leaving a smoky cloud behind.

5. - Bouquets of brightly colored sparks that fly spectacularly up to a height of eight meters. This fiery extravaganza can be accompanied by sound effects.

What types of fireworks are there and how do they differ? At all times, mankind has attached great importance to fire.

This is not surprising as fire was originally the only way to keep warm and cook food.

Later the way of using fire began to expand steadily: it was used as a means of communication for rituals and sacred rites.

Fire acquired a special meaning with the emergence of beliefs and religions - it was lit on altars, with the help of which most important events, both festive and tragic, for example, funerals.

In many cultures, special substances were added to the fire that cause sparks or a special color of the flame - these elements have become the prototype of modern pyrotechnics.

The ancient Slavs lit fires during pagan rituals, especially when they were dedicated to Perun, the god who threw thunder or the sun they worshiped, and viewed fire as his gift to the people.

The ancient Indians also used fires to decorate holidays and even knew how to arrange some sort of modern pyro show - fiery lights.

In 668 Kalinik von Heliopolsky invented the "Greek fire", which became a real breakthrough in the art of pyrotechnics.

Although not initially used for peaceful fun, "Greek fire" was widely used in military operations and was a secret weapon of the Greeks for about four hundred years.

Such a fire was divided into two subspecies: one resembled gunpowder in its properties, and with its help they threw out glowing grains; The second subspecies had increased flammability, which was used to set enemy soldiers on fire and, in peacetime, for the device of fireworks.

The Chinese invented perhaps the simplest pyrotechnic device: young bamboo stems were thrown into a fire, where they exploded. Taoist monks, on the other hand, found a rather complex pyrotechnic composition - a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur.

This mixture burst into bright light and delighted and terrified at the same time. In addition, this mixture was filled with the previously mentioned stems of young bamboo - and now with the first real fireworks.

And in the XIV-XV centuries, the Italians brought the art of fireworks into the form with which we are familiar. You have learned to do real pyrotechnic shows with glowing figures and bright lighting. They made the fireworks really spectacular.

Types of fireworks

Fireworks, or fireworks, are a reliable way to make a vacation bright and memorable, and different types of fireworks are just amazing.

Choosing the right fireworks for the upcoming celebration is half the battle, and poorly selected fireworks, on the contrary, can leave a rather unpleasant impression. For example, trying to start park fireworks indoors could result in sacrifice.

To avoid such misunderstandings, the main types of fireworks and the features of their use are described below.

Ground fireworks

Ground fireworks are lit on or in the immediate vicinity of the ground.

Ground fireworks can sparkle with a variety of shapes such as inscriptions, waterfalls, hearts, snowflakes, stars, trees, fans, fountains, etc.

The undeniable advantage of ground fireworks is that they can be kept only 7 to 10 meters away from the audience, so you can enjoy the colorful spectacle to the fullest.

Park fireworks

Park fireworks are also known as middle fireworks. The height of such a firework is usually 50-80 meters.

Such fireworks are made with groups of Roman candles, beetroot installations, or a battery of fireworks.

The fact that the park fireworks are started far from the highest altitude does not in the least reduce its spectacularity, as the high frequency of fire and the brightness of individual fireworks effects more than compensate for the low altitude.

Park fireworks are often used in combination with ground and elevation fireworks. Park fireworks include beetroot, festival balloons, fire trails, firework batteries, and special effects Roman candles.

Fireworks at high altitude

Fireworks at great heights shoot up to three hundred meters and create colorful multi-level compositions.

Such fireworks are high-altitude rockets, pleasure balls (exploding balls) and light balls (rockets with bright tracks and unusual flight paths) of large caliber.

Combined fireworks

Often all three types of pyrotechnics are used to make the pyroshow absolutely unforgettable.

These fireworks are known as upper tier combined and combined fireworks, colorful effects of park fireworks, and intricate figures of ground fireworks.

All of these fireworks make an incredibly lively and intense picture.

Stage fireworks

Stage fireworks are used when it is necessary to organize an indoor pyro show.

The height of such fireworks ranges from 20 centimeters to 5 meters and consists of low-smoke lightning bolts and fountains.

For each stage fireworks display, the selection of pyrotechnic objects is made individually, as the ventilation conditions in the room, the material of the floor and wall covering, the height of the ceilings and much more must be taken into account.

Pyrotechnic and / or pneumatic fireworks with streamers and confetti are often used to brighten up the stage fireworks.

Stage fireworks are relevant both for large events (concerts, show programs) and for private events such as weddings or birthdays.

Day show

Fireworks and fireworks created excitement and curiosity from the moment they were invented.

A lot of time has passed since then and the art of starting fireworks and fireworks has increased many times over. Modern pyrotechnics make it possible to implement the most daring ideas and fantasies.

There are fireworks for a variety of conditions - from small scenic to large high-rise buildings. A separate place in this classification is occupied by fireworks that have been specially developed for launching in daylight.

The main focus in such fireworks is on streamers, confetti and colored smoke, as most of the burning compositions are only clearly visible at night. It doesn't seem like too much variety, but no - and with this small arsenal you can create impressive effects.

Serpentine and confetti can be most of different shapes and colors, as well as the materials from which they are made will set the right mood.

Smoke is a collection of microparticles in the air, ranging in size from 1 to 100 microns. Smoke can be generated by spraying a substance or by triggering a chemical reaction.

Smoke takes on different colors due to different (usually organic) dyes.

Red smoke is made from rhodamine, paranitroaniline and auramine produce yellow smoke, ultramarine and indigo produce blue smoke, and black is the result of the combustion of hydrocarbons and metal chloride mixtures.

The brightest and most impressive smoke is red, yellow or orange. This is due to the peculiarity of the human perception of colors from this special spectrum, similar to that of the sun.

Types of pyrotechnics

The pyrotechnics available to everyone today are great, but they are all divided into two large groups: firecrackers and fireworks. Fireworks include rockets, salute batteries, Roman candles, and fountains.

Types of fireworks

The word itself comes from the French gopeter, which means "to burst with a bang". The design is simple: a paper sleeve is filled with a pyrotechnic compound that immediately ignites and burns out. This is followed by lightning and a loud pop.

Grater and wick firecrackers

There are two main types of fireworks: grater and wick. In the first case, the fireworks are set on fire by friction: one of the ends of the firework, covered with a special phosphor-based compound, must be struck against the side of a matchbox or other surface. To light a wick cracker, you need to set fire to a fuse, a special fire-retardant cord.

Firecracker effects

The simplest effect of a cracker explosion is a loud bang. More sophisticated pyrotechnics explode with a double, triple clap, crackle, buzz or whistle.

There are many types of fireworks. The most common are petard bombs, the shells of which are filled with a mixture of magnesium powder and potassium perchlorate. The effect is a loud explosion. Combined fireworks are more spectacular. Here different effects come to the usual explosion: rotation and whistle, emission of multicolored sparks, active smoke emission, multiple bursts.

Bundles of fireworks

The explosion of a number of fireworks will also bring joy to the audience of the show. It doesn't seem like anything complicated - connecting multiple bombs together with a fire-conductive cable, but the effect, especially when different types of fireworks are connected in a bundle, exceeds all expectations.

Flying fireworks

A separate cracker flies. They are also called flying fireworks. These pyrotechnic products are equipped with special wings. When they take off, such fireworks hum loudly or explode and scatter hundreds of multicolored sparks around them.

Security technology

The petard should be folded back 2 meters. Throwing pyrotechnics at people, animals, under cars, or in the toilet is not recommended. It is dangerous to explode fireworks in pockets and around hair.

Sale of fireworks