Malaysia has cars

From Malaysia to Duisburg in a vintage carHadri (34) drove 32,000 km - for love!

Hadri from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Derya from Duisburg had a long-distance relationship for ten years. Now the groom sat in his car and picked up the bride. 32,000 kilometers in 96 days through 25 countries.

And the whole thing not with a larger wedding party made up of escort vehicles, not even with an off-roader. But with his Toyota Corolla Sports Coupé AE86! Why with 97 hp in the young timer from 1987? The truth is: Hadri has a love triangle, he has two great loves in life.

It was in the chat

One love is called Derya, is 30 years old, has beautiful eyes and comes from Duisburg. The two met in 2008 while chatting on the internet. “It sparked immediately,” says Hadri.

It's similar with his second love. Here, too, Hadri remembers the first encounter exactly. “I was 17.” And when he saw a Toyota Corolla Coupé, AE86 series, it was over to him. The flip-flop headlights that look! Those, sorry, hot rear-wheel drive butts!

Two long-distance relationships

In both cases it remained a long-distance relationship for a long time. The AE86 was just as inaccessible for the young man as his German girlfriend. Only once a year could he visit Derya for a few weeks.

Six years ago, Hadri really got the hang of it: first, he bought an AE86, a black and white coupé. "It was 142,000 kilometers down and cost the equivalent of about 15,000 US dollars," says Hadri. In 2015 he got engaged to Derya.

One year of travel planning

And now the wedding, finally! Hadri, who runs a car repair shop in Malaysia, plans the trip for a year. Ask friends if they can go with him. He studies visa regulations, buys spare parts, a 20-liter canister and a spade. As well as a luggage rack for everything that does not fit in the small trunk of the coupé.

► For Hadri, the AE86 is his everyday car. He trusts it, it rarely causes problems. But across Asia and Europe? He'd rather be on the safe side.

Derya is waiting in the Eifel

He is doing ten laps with Japanese Toyota racing driver Akira Lida on the Sepang International Circuit, the Formula 1 track south of Kuala Lumpur. Last test drives, if you will.

It starts on August 18th. His goal is the way. He has only one date firmly in view: November 2nd. On this day he registered for a drive on the Nürburgring. And then there is also Derya waiting.

► He painted the flags of Malaysia and Europe on the pop-up headlights. The "AE86 World Tour" starts with a lot of fanfare at the Ministry of Tourism in Kuala Lumpur.

Two friends as an escort

He was able to persuade two friends to come with him. Sharmila quit her job and now takes care of navigating. And Rahman is a car mechanic, you never know.

It goes to Thailand, over sandy slopes from Laos, 5300 kilometers through China. “The worst was an off-road route in Mongolia. We needed eleven hours for the 230 kilometers. "

The fans of the AE86 are already waiting for the globetrotters in many places. The Toyota AE86 has a large fan base in Asia. Not least because he plays a leading role in a manga comic that appeared from 1995 to 2013. And in the TV series "Initial D" based on it.

Twice new tires

► Exactly with such a white and black AE86 in the Sprinter Trueno variant, as a coupé with pop-up headlights, built in 1987, the three Malaysians are now on the road. The AE86 is getting a lot of attention in China. “Because there are practically no old cars on the road there,” says Hadri.

Little breaks. They change the tires twice, the oil twice. “And in Hungary Toyota replaced the clutch master, air filter and spark plugs for us.” Nothing serious. The trio seldom interrupts its journey.

“Our daily workload was between 300 and 700 kilometers,” says Hadri. When the trio takes a break, it is to drive the car on a racetrack. In Siberia there are seven rounds on the Redring in Krasnoyarsk and four on the Kuzbass-Ring.

Eleven hours at the border

Suddenly it gets hectic. “Somehow we got it wrong with our Russian visas,” says Hadri. “They expired.” So the Toyota and the three adventurers quickly drive to Kazakhstan. Where "fast" is relative. They stand at the border for an unbelievable eleven hours, from two o'clock in the morning to 1 p.m.

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Finally, after 96 days and eight visits to the racetrack, you have reached your destination. First the Nürburgring, then the wedding ring. Hadri and Derya have now married. In the new year they are moving to Malaysia. The happy ending of a long-distance triangle relationship?

► Almost. “The Toyota stays here,” says Hadri. “We're going to do a European tour with him next summer.” It's already clear who drives the relationship box: “I don't have a driver's license,” says Derya and laughs.