Why would someone call another person ugly

"Why are you so ugly?" Insult or Freedom of Expression?

Because of the offense (xy) that was committed by let's call him "Kevin", I should "apparently" have been there, which is not true.

His father who is also a Kevin & has nothing better to do; when delivering weekly newspapers early in the morning, dares to take my name in his filthy mouth, with his filthy teeth ...

No .. it's about the Soicher, so his son - got a car for 50 €; that you could just call it roadworthy, if you disregard the fact that 2 - of the 5 gears including +1 (backwards) did not work, no insurance number was attached to the vehicle & what should not be missing - it was not a 1st help commer stowed in the trunk.

Police caught him on the spot, but I was at home, which means that I can't have an ali-bi.

The funny thing is that his own father told the police about him.

About 1 month later the court took place, not far from my home.

There was no evidence - just witnesses, but what I didn't know was that I could just take it with me. Means - I went there alone. Kevin - refused to testify 1st question - WHY did he do this? His father testified against me.

In addition, there was a police officer who testified but was unable to establish any evidence against me.

End of court - the judge who can fuck himself on his knees sentenced me to a fine of 1000 € and something else that I forgot, but wasn't that bad.

"The other" only got 30 hours of community service even though he admitted the act, that is, that he drove.

What I have to mention is that the judge read through the files of both of us & I was actually exposed to the police very often at the age of 18 .. From BTM entry to VIOLATION OF THE WEAPONS LAW (which means an airsoft gun with 0 , 5 Gjul or how it was written) He also justified the conviction as follows - I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. Then I ... "They can't do that" YOU DID SEE IT, I CAN. - Provocative hitting the judges' table with a mallet

I had enough, I felt like I was in a bad movie - went to the office & filled out a document at a hot chicka - that says that I have the right to a new court date, where everyone involved and defendants will be invited again.

IN MY OPINION, THE PROSECUTION MUST BE DROPPED - because there is no evidence other than Witnesses.

In addition, my entire family can testify that I was home overnight

My questions..

¤ Why does the judge convict me?

¤ Why does Kevin refuse to testify?

¤ I am not financially stable at the moment (18) years old & become a FATHER .. is there an alternative for me that the costs are covered?

¤ Should I do without a lawyer?