What is FAQ

What does "FAQ" mean? Explanation and definition


The abbreviation FAQ can be found on all websites - whether from online shops, service providers or the German Bundestag. Netzwelt explains to you what it stands for.

This means FAQ: "Frequently Asked Questions"

The abbreviation FAQ or FAQs is an English acronym and stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". In the German translation, this means "frequently asked questions" or "most frequently asked questions".

The question of whether it is called FAQ or FAQs has often arisen. To clarify the plural, FAQs are often abbreviated to FAQs: Q then stands for the plural of question, i.e. questions. But some have the opinion that this is a double plural formation and therefore wrong. Nevertheless, both variants are common. In the Duden, both options are listed as possible plural.

Why is there FAQ?

The abbreviation always appears on the Internet where there is a compilation of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers on a topic. The abbreviation was also created on the Internet. The principle has proven itself and is now available in many areas, as it bundles questions and answers well. Many questions that are asked again and again do not have to be answered individually, time-consuming and the questioner has an answer immediately.

Modifications to FAQ

In German there are translations such as “questions, answers, quintessences” or “questions-answers-source” for the abbreviation. The abbreviation HGF for the literal translation "frequently asked questions" is seldom found. Every now and then the abbreviation F&A is used for questions and answers or in English Q&A for questions and answers.

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