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Getting Rich: 17 Secrets of Extremely Rich People

Last update: July 29, 2019

In this article you will learn:

- What real wealth is
- How you can get rich
- What distinguishes rich and poor people

When I got married I got a little orange tree as a present.

It smelled good, looked good, but had one problem: you couldn't eat the fruit.

I could work the leaves and fruits as I wanted: only oranges came out that were inedible.


Because it's that kind of tree. Because the root is like that.

To change something in the fruit, I have to change the root of the tree.

Sounds logical right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to money and getting rich, that's not so obvious.

Many people see their fruits (their money) and try to change something in the fruits. The trouble is: the root remains.

And with it the fruits.

And that's why you can pour your financial life until the euro coins fall out of your nose: nothing will change.

You have to change the root - and that is your thinking.

If you want to get rich, you have to think rich.

Many don't want this to happen and try to get rich with lottery tickets and trading tricks.

If you ask me: The stupidest thing you can do. You can stick bananas directly to an olive tree.

What's the smartest thing?

To change thinking.

And now I'm going to show you 17 mindsets of extremely wealthy people. These secrets will change the way you think and make you rich - if you put them into practice.

Can i guarantee you riches


If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

All good things in life come with no guarantee.

Get rich: when do you get rich? What does wealth mean?

Before we get into the 17 secrets, I would like to give you my definition of wealth.

Why is that important?

A great many people have the wrong idea of ​​what being rich means.

And if you have a wrong definition, then you never know whether you have reached your goal or not.

So here is my definition of wealth:

1. Freedom
2. Family and friends
3. Fitness

I call them the 3 Fs.

You notice: money does not even appear in the definition.


Because money is not the end, but the means.

Money is the servant, not the master.

Money gives me time and independence (freedom), family time and a healthy lifestyle (fitness).

If you make money to become a master, then you are one of the saddest people on earth and then this article cannot help you either.

Am i rich

You will ask yourself: who in the world is this Walter and why should I believe him?

It's simple: measured by the definition above, I'm rich.

Not the richest, but quite rich.

1. Freedom

I work when I want, where I want and how much I want. Yes, I am self-employed, but I don't work myself and all the time.

I work an average of 20 hours a week.

I am not telling you how much I earn. Too often that just creates envy. Let's put it this way: a lot.

2. Family and friends

I spend more time with friends and family than at work. I go on vacation whenever I want and for as long as I want.

I drive to Ikea on Wednesday mornings and go to the cinema on Mondays at 2 p.m. because then I have the hall for myself and my children.

3. Fitness

I exercise 2 to 3 times a week. I easily run the half marathon under 2 hours and eat healthily.

I have the time and energy to do sports because my work doesn't eat up my energy.

I don't need sport as a “balance”, but as a challenge.

Please don't get me wrong: I'm not telling you any of this to show off or to arouse envy.

On the contrary: I really hate to talk about my private circumstances. But with such a topic as "getting rich" it just has to be.

So that you believe me So that you can see that I know what I'm talking about.

You wouldn't take nutrition tips from a fat fitness trainer, would you?

So enough of me.

This is about you and how you can get rich.

Let us now turn to the 17 mindsets of extremely wealthy people. These are not just wisdom, but laws of success.

I got these 17 ways of thinking from the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind *.

Read this book at least twice.

It will change your thinking forever.

# Reading tip: The best business books of all time

Getting Rich: The 17 Millionaire Secrets Poor People Don't Understand

Getting Rich Secret # 1: You are the master of your destiny

Rich people think that they can create their own life. Poor people think life is happening.

Rich people talk about what they can control and change. Poor people talk about other people.

There is a popular game among poor people: the "Blame Game". Purpose of the game: Accuse as many people as possible - just not yourself.

"Everyone is to blame - only not me."

You can recognize a person who has taken on the role of victim by three factors: blame, justify, complain.

Stay away from these people. They attract poverty like a honey pot attracts bees.

Rich people, on the other hand, look for responsibility in themselves and ask themselves: "What can I specifically change in my situation?"

Getting Rich Secret # 2: Games to win, not survive

Can you win a football game if all 11 players simply stand in the goal?


At most you can create a draw.

The fact is: you cannot win without an attack.

Unfortunately, this is how the majority of people play the game of money: they play so as not to lose - not to win.

What does that mean? This means that poor people mostly listen to their fear. You're not trying to lose money. They only see risks. Stop signs only.

Rich people play against it to win. You think big. They aim at the moon - and if they miss it, they end up with the stars.

Great tip from my personal experience: Fear is the worst advisor in the world.

Getting Rich Secret # 3 to Getting Rich: Pay the price, no matter how high it is

Ask someone around you: "Do you want to get rich?"

Everyone will of course immediately shout “yes”.

But that's not enough. Just wanting to get rich is not enough. You also have to pay a price.

What price is that?

Time, sweat, stress, rejection, insecurity - and more. Most people are unwilling to pay this price. And that's exactly why they never get rich.

Nobody gets rich by watching Game of Thrones on their couch.

The highest price is usually convenience. And that's exactly how you recognize a poor person: comfort is their top priority.

Get rich Secret # 4: Think big - because you have to think anyway

Small but nice - this saying is always brought by those who are afraid to think big.

But you are not serving your fellow human beings if you downplay yourself. When you shrink yourself, it does not make you holier, more beautiful, or richer.

Dare to dream. Dream big. Live big.

This is how you inspire others to do the same.

Don't forget: you always get what you want. If you want something small, you will receive something small.

Poor people want to run a shop. Rich people want to run a thousand shops.

There is a simple sentence by MJ DeMarco * that sums up the principle of wealth well:

"To make millions, affect millions."

Get Rich Secret # 5: Find Opportunities, Not Obstacles

Rich people see opportunities everywhere. Poor people see only dangers everywhere.

The poor man sees stocks and says: “Watch out, stocks are falling. Sell ​​quickly. "

The rich man sees stocks and says, “The stocks are falling. Very good, then I can buy cheap. "

Poor people only see problems, while rich people know that every problem is an opportunity.

Because if you solve this problem, you will make money. The bigger the problem, the bigger the money that can be made.

There is an important guiding principle that will help you see the right thing:

"What you focus on grows."

And don't wait for the perfect moment. This one will never come. There will always be some risk.

Rich people therefore act according to the principle:

"Danger. Come on. Finished."

They don't wait until they are completely ready. They learn most of it on the way.

Getting Rich Secret # 6: Rich people admire rich people

Our thinking is predominantly directed by our subconscious.

If you don't like rich people in your subconscious, then guess what happens: you will never get rich.


If you have beliefs in your head like

- "These rich snobs."
- "All millionaires are crooks."
- "Rich people earn their money at the expense of the common man."

Then your subconscious is programmed against wealth. Then you can do what you want, but you just won't get rich.

So when you see rich people, bless them. Don't curse.

Do not envy, be happy for her.

I know this is not easy - especially when everyone around you is doing exactly the opposite.

That's why we come straight to the next point:

Getting Rich Secret # 7: Stay Away from the Crabs

Energy is contagious.

Positive as well as negative.

Rich people understand this and are therefore with other rich people.

No-sayers, complainers and crybugs can stay stolen from you.

Jim Rohn says:

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

Yes, it can mean that you have to change your circle of friends.

What did you expect? Did I say getting rich is easy?

Getting Rich Secret # 8: Be a Good Salesperson

Poor people always have a problem with "selling". The main reason entrepreneurs fail to make sales: they can't or rather don't want to sell.

Selling has a bitter aftertaste for many people. Too often one has had negative experiences. Too often you've been ripped off.

The reluctance to sell is totally unjustified.

After all, thousands of people die in car accidents every year - and yet people still love cars. Many men dedicate their entire lives to cars.

By the way, by selling I don't just mean selling products. But also selling ideas.

If you are a father, then you have to “sell” your ideas to your children. If you are an MP, then you have to "sell" your bill. If you are an employee, then you have to "sell" your skills.

The first step in becoming a good salesperson is to stop thinking of selling as bad.

The right product at the right time can save lives.

Getting Rich Secret # 9: Be Bigger Than Your Problems

My oldest daughter is currently 5 years old.

Her biggest problem: she cannot tie her shoes.

For us adults it is not a problem at all. In fact, it's a bit funny when we see that someone can't.


Because we've grown. It was a problem then. Today we laugh about it.

It is the same with all other problems. Problems at work, money problems, and sales problems are only problems because we are not big enough yet.

Our personality has not grown enough yet.

Poor people avoid problems they are not yet able to cope with.

Rich people grow from their problems.

The size of the problem is never the problem. Your size is the problem.

Getting Rich Secret # 10: Be a Good Recipient

Do you know such people?

When you compliment them, they always reply, “Oh, what. No, that was just a coincidence. "

Or: "But you are better than me."

You can't accept compliments. You can't just say, "Thank you."

No ifs and buts.

Such people do this because they do not feel "worthy". You can't blame them for that either. Especially as children, we hear ten times how bad we are for each “well done”.

“You idiot” is probably the most common nickname.

But I have good news for you: other people's opinions are not your reality.

You are worthy You can receive. Compliments as well as money.

If you are not ready to receive something, then you will not get anything either.

So easy.

Getting Rich Secret # 11: Get Paid for Results

Do you know what almost all rich people have in common?

You have a company.

Rich employees are as rare as flying cows with bathing caps.


Because employees are paid for their time.

Entrepreneurs for their results.

And surprise: your time is limited. Results, however, do not.

Imagine you're the best doctor in the world - and there is a long line of patients in front of your practice.

Is this crowd good for you?

No. You can only treat one person at a time. Your time is the bottleneck.

What does an entrepreneur do instead? He sells clinical thermometers to doctors all over Germany.

1000 pieces per day.

Both help humanity. But only one person gets really rich - the entrepreneur.

That doesn't mean that ALL should become entrepreneurs. Our world needs doctors, teachers and engineers.

What I'm saying, if you want to get rich quick, you have to be paid for results that are detached from your time. Otherwise your time is always the bottleneck.

Getting Rich Secret # 12: You Can Have Both

Can you be a good person and have money?

Poor people think you have to choose. Rich people think "both".

It was the same for me: My acquaintances said that work is a necessary evil in order to provide for the family. Fun is something completely different.

But I wanted to have fun AND earn money with it. I wanted both.

And I found a way too. Today I make more money on my blog than many employees and have 10 times more fun doing it than any of them.

Don't always think in "either or". Think in "both".

Getting Rich Secret # 13: Focus On Your Net Worth

Poor people always compare one thing: their income.

"And how much do you earn?"

Rich people measure themselves against something else: their net worth.

What is the net worth? That is the sum of your savings, your investments and your possessions - minus all debts and obligations.

In other words: The net worth consists of everything that really belongs to you.

Poor people think their house, which they have not yet paid off, is part of their "fortune". No, unfortunately not. Until you pay it off, the house belongs to the bank.

Unfortunately, very many people have a net worth of a few thousand euros. Very many even have negative net worth and are in debt.

Take a look at the debt statistics in Germany:

In 2016, 6.8 million Germans were in debt!

And that has nothing to do with the level of income.

Just look at the many Hollywood stars who make millions and still owe them.

Getting Rich Secret # 14: Manage Your Money Well

Rich people manage their money well - poor people lose their money well.

Even in the more than a thousand year old proverbs of Solomon it is written: "An unwise man and his money will soon be separated."

That site was about me then.

I had a reputation for losing money all the time. Everyone went to eat ice cream with their pocket money and I lost it on the way to the ice cream parlor.

Or when I was on vacation I went swimming in my trunks with money. Money away.

For a long time I thought I just have to increase my income and everything will work out.

The only problem is that if you have holes in your boat and you pump more water into it, it doesn't get any better. The water pressure makes the holes even bigger.

So I started plugging holes. Watching my expenses, revising my contracts.

If you want to get rich, follow Benjamin Franklin's advice: “Beware of small expenses. A small hole makes a big boat sink. "

Getting Rich Secret # 15: Make Your Money Work Hard

Rich people make their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money.

I know this sentence is trite and sounds like cliché.

But that doesn't mean it's not true.

As mentioned above, time for money is a bad trade. On the other hand, exchanging money for money is all the better.

How can you exchange money for even more money?

Many people immediately think of stocks - and yes, stocks are one way to make money work for you.

But there are other ways: Investing the money directly in small companies (very risky but lucrative). Use the money to start a business that makes money. Pay people with the money to do your job (for less money than you get so you have a margin).

There are many opportunities.

You only have to understand one thing: Buy things that make money - don't eat up money.

A car, for example, only eats money. Expensive furniture, loans and the like too.

Treat yourself to something really good and buy ETFs or other savings plans.

Unfortunately, the subject of "investments" is far too big to deal with here.

Just read through Tony Robbins' book: Money *.

But be careful: don't be fooled. Millionaires don't get rich with stocks; they just get their money and make it work.

The only way to get rich quickly is with a company - not with stocks.

Read the book The Millionaire Fast Lane *.

And while we're at it, read business books.

Getting Rich Secret # 16: Countering Your Fear

Poor people wait until the fear is gone, rich people act despite their fear.

Of course everyone is scared. I was also scared when I quit my job to start blogging and writing on my own.

Of course, I was afraid to raise my prices. Of course, I was afraid of bringing my first product onto the market.

But I acted despite my fear.

This is the only way to overcome it.

For many people, fear is like a big red stop sign.

Let fear be like the red rag for a cop - step on the gas and pull through.

Here is another quote from Jack Canfield on motivation:

"Everything you've ever wished for is on the other side of fear."

Getting Rich Secret # 17: Never Stop Learning

A single quote from Socrates is actually sufficient here:

"The clever learn from everything and from everyone, the normal from his experiences and the stupid knows everything better."

If you want to be wise (and rich), never stop learning.

Tip: Read a book every month. With that you belong to the top 20 percent of our society.

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Getting rich has its price

That was a lot of wood now.

I think you have a lot of spiritual food to digest.

But above all, you have a lot of work to do.

Many people believe that you cannot get rich quick. But you can. You can see that in the young billionaires of our time.

Getting rich quick is possible.

But one thing is not possible: to get rich easily.

Don't get confused: quick and easy are two different things.

Getting rich has its price.

Are you ready to pay it?

Live great

Your Walter

Walter Epp is a blogger, author and father of 3 children. He lives an intense, lively and fulfilling life. On his blog, he helps others to do the same.